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Constitutional Court Colombia affirms right to euthanasia for youngsters
Dec 20, 2017

DMD Colombia reports: In August 2017, the Constitutional Court of Colombia issued Judgment T-544, in which it reviews a case of “tutela”1 filed by the parents of a thirteen-year-old boy, who were petitioning his right to die with dignity through

End-of-Life Bill (on patients rights) passed in Italian Parliament
Dec 19, 2017

(From BioEdge): After 30 years and 3000 attempts to propose amendments, an end-of-life bill was passed by the Italian Parliament this week which allows patients to end their lives by refusing to and drink. It also allows patients to express binding end-of-life care wishes through a text or a video. The new legislation does not

ADMD Belgium publishes its Newsletter 145 / 146, 3rd and 4th quarter 2017
Dec 18, 2017

ADMD Belgium publishes its Newsletter no 145 and 146, 3rd and 4th quarter 2017 (in French only). Read it here.

NZ Parliament decided to send Seymour's End-of-Life Choice Bill to a select committee
Dec 18, 2017

NZ Parliament decided on 13 December 2017 to send Seymour's End-of-Life Choice Bill to a Justice select committee for consideration. The vote was with 76 to 44 better than expected.

Hopeful news from Massachusetts USA
Dec 17, 2017

Massachusetts state medical society (MMS) - an influential medical group, publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine, a leading global medical journal and web site - has dropped its opposition to aid in dying, adopting a neutral position on proposed aid in dying

Two years aid in dying law in Québèc
Dec 16, 2017

On December 10 it was two years since the law in Québèc - the first one in Canada - was implemented. Since then some 1000 Québècians have terminated their live voluntary and in a dignified way.

Go Gentle publishes Newsletter
Dec 16, 2017

Go Gentle Australia published its Newsletter summarizing the 'victory'in Victoria Australia. Read it here.

Book on Dutch End-of-Life practices in Italian
Dec 13, 2017

Johannes Achterberg published "Libertà di decidere" (freedom to choose), a book on the Dutch End-of-Life practice in Italian. In his preface he states: "The great advantage of a pensionado is that he has so much time to be curious. A curiosity that motivates him to delve into topics of any kind. It so happens to discover that much news is manipulated or does not correspond entirely or in part with the reality. Politicians in particular

Is the World Medical Association (WMA) shifting its position?
Dec 2, 2017

Following the other regional divisions of the WMA (Asia and South-America), the European Branch convened a meeting in the Vatican. A letter has been discussed that was prepared by the Dutch RDMA (KNMG) and the Canadian sister organisation, which proposed earlier to write an alternative text for the until then usual stance "euthanasia is unethical". By

Dutch NVVE publishes its 4th edition of Relevant 2017
Dec 2, 2017

NVVE, the Dutch RtD Society published its quarterly Relevant 2017/4. Read the Summary (in English) here; the Dutch PDF can be downloaded here.


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