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European Division of WFRtDS

Interested in more news on the Right to Die? FEN circulates on a regular basis an electronic news list (successor to the ERGO News List) with news from around the world.

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Japan RTD Society JSDD publishes Newsletter 176
Feb 9, 2020

The Japan Society for Dying with Dignity (JSDD) published Newsletter 176; you can download and read the English summary here.

Results of Dutch PERSPECTIVE study about elderly people with a wish to die published
Feb 9, 2020

About 0.18% of all people over 55 in the Netherlands have a wish to end their lives without being seriously ill. That amounts to just over 10,000 people. This is the most important result from the recent published PERSPECTIVE study

In South Korea 85,000 terminal patients opt to die with dignity
Feb 9, 2020

More than 85,000 terminally ill South Koreans have chosen to forgo life-prolonging treatment since the legalization of the right to die with dignity two years ago, government data showed on Tuesday the 4th of February.

Canadian experts: Medical aid in dying should be extended also to people with mental illness
Feb 9, 2020

In Canada, the government is considering changes to make assisted death easier for people who aren't terminally ill. As this development happens, an expert panel of clinicians and ethicists recommends to extend the law also to people whose only medical condition is a mental disorder.

Tine Nys trial in Belgium finished
Feb 2, 2020

The 3 Belgian doctors in the so called Tine Nys trial all have been completely acquitted. After a two-week trial and eight hours of final debate, a 12-person jury in the criminal court of Ghent, in northwestern Belgium, cleared the three practitioners,  the doctor who gave the

Portugal Parliament set to debate decriminalisation of physician-assisted death
Feb 2, 2020

On Thursday 30 January, Portugal’s Parliament agreed to debate on the decriminalization of physician-assisted death in their country. A bill to allow euthanasia and assisted suicide will be discussed on 20 February.  Pedro Filipe Soares, parliamentary leader of the BE, Andre Silva, PAN MP, and Pedro Delgado Alves, vice-president of the PS, said they

Derek Humphry retires as moderator of ERGO's Listserv world news digest
Feb 2, 2020

On 1 February 2020, in Digest Volume 28, Issue 15,  Derek Humphry announced his retirement as moderator of  ERGO's Listserv world news digest. For those who know Derek this retirement after 26 years did not come as a surprise; he passed the management of the listserve to "the best qualified people" being Final Exit Network. The WF community owe a

New Zealand to vote per referendum on End of Life Choice Bill on 19 September
Feb 2, 2020

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has set the date (19 September 2020) for the General Election which is also the date for the public referendum on the End of Life Choice Act. This act has been approved by the Parliament last year and will be implemnted after the NZ public votes in favor.

Dignitas publishes January 2020 Press Release
Jan 29, 2020

The non-profit member society DIGNITAS (To live with dignity – To die with dignity) publishes her January 2020 Press Release.

ADMD Belgium publishes Newsbulletin 153-154 (Q3-Q4 - 2019)
Jan 27, 2020

The Belgian ADMD (Association pour le Droit de Mourir dans la  Dignité) published its Newsbulletin nr 153-154 (French only). 


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