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Dignity Report Winter 2017 from DWD National Center published
Jan 24, 2018

Dignity Report Winter 2017 from DWD National Center published, containing recent 2017 accomplishments and [lans for the comoing year. You can read it here.

NVVE, Dutch Right to Die Society organises their traditional "Week of Euthanasia"
Jan 24, 2018

From 10 to 17 February 2018, NVVE - teh Dutch RtD Society - organises their usual "Week of Euthanasia". During that week there will be three public activities (in Dutch only): a

Independent advisory bureau "The Last Choice – Switzerland" established
Jan 24, 2018

The Last Choice – Switzerland, an independent advisory bureau, was established on December 10, 2017 (international Human Rights Day) by Michael Irwin. The main function of The Last Choice – Switzerland is to give reliable advice on what is involved in going to

Nurses' perspectives on whether medical aid in dying should be accessible to incompetent patients with dementia
Jan 24, 2018

A survey was conducted by Canadian and Dutch researchers (Geriatric Nursing, December 2017 article in press) in a random sample of 514 Quebec nurses caring for the elderly to assess their attitudes towards extending medical aid in dying to incompetent patients and to explore

Articles on a synergistic relationship between Euthanasia and Paliative Care
Dec 26, 2017

Authors (Jan Bernheim, Wim Distlemand, arsene Mullie and Kasper Raus) from the Belgian End-of-Life Care group (Free University Brussels and Ghjent University) have recently again been publishing articles around the issue of the synergy between PC and Euthanasia: 

Dutch De Einder (Horizon) published its end of 2017 Newsletter
Dec 26, 2017

Dutch De Einder (Horizon) published its end of 2017 Newsletter (in Dutch only). Read it here.

Portugese RtD Society new member of WFRtDS
Dec 22, 2017

Portugese RtD Society Direito a Morrer com Dignidade has been admitted as new member

Dying with Dignity NSW published its December 2017 Newsletter
Dec 20, 2017

Dying with Dignity NSW published its December 2017 Newsletter. Read it here. It is a special edition focusing on the NSW and Victorian voluntary assisted dying (VAD) bills, which coincidentally were debated within just a few days of each other.

Constitutional Court Colombia affirms right to euthanasia for youngsters
Dec 20, 2017

DMD Colombia reports: In August 2017, the Constitutional Court of Colombia issued Judgment T-544, in which it reviews a case of “tutela”1 filed by the parents of a thirteen-year-old boy, who were petitioning his right to die with dignity through

End-of-Life Bill (on patients rights) passed in Italian Parliament
Dec 19, 2017

(From BioEdge): After 30 years and 3000 attempts to propose amendments, an end-of-life bill was passed by the Italian Parliament this week which allows patients to end their lives by refusing to and drink. It also allows patients to express binding end-of-life care wishes through a text or a video. The new legislation does not


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