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Aims and Activities Swedish Society RTVD
Aug 21, 1970

The Swedish Society RTVD (Right to Die with Dignity), which was founded in 1974, currently has some 2,500 members. This does not however reflect the fact that a considerably larger number of people sympathise with the aims and work of the society. The RTVD finds the developments in the Netherlands in the field of euthanasia encouraging although in respect of conditions in Sweden there is still a long way to go.

What was the Shiavo circus all about? Should we worry?
Aug 21, 1970

by Derek Humphry

Summary Relevant January 2006
Aug 21, 1970

Relevant is the quarterly magazine of the NVVE. This is the English summary of the issue of January 2006.

Lecture on Terminally Ill Law of Israel
Aug 21, 1970

The Terminally Ill Law, 2005, which was passed by the Knesset on 6/12/05, will come into effect on 16/12/06. In this article, Retired Supreme Court Judge Eliyahu Matza, President of Lilach, explains the principles of the Law in layman words.

Number of euthanasia cases drops
Aug 21, 1970

he number of euthanasia cases has dropped over the past few years, though the number of terminal patients receiving palliative sedation has increased.

Oregon law
Aug 21, 1970

Data from the Oregon Health Department from 2004 indicate that another 35 people used the law bringing the total to 207 in 7 years, out of 210,000 deaths in the same period; 1/8 of 1% of all Oregonians actually died under the Death with Dignity Act.

Recently one man who apparently ingested 9g of Seconal woke up after three days. Though incidents like that have been reported in the Netherlands, no incident of unsuccessful use of the medication had previously been reported from Oregon.

Oregon-modeled proposal in Scottish Parliament
Aug 21, 1970

Taken from the World Right-to-Die Newsletter issue no. 46, Januray 2005.

A proposal modeled after the Oregon Death with Dignity Act has been introduced in Scotland by the youngest member of its Parliament, 30-year-old Jeremy Purvis. Friends at the End (FATE) is supporting this model because the patient is in complete control and a physician is only the “instrument” who writes the prescription. Disability groups who fear that physicians would give “euthanasia injections” would be less threatened.

Glacial Investigation Keeps Death On Ice
Aug 21, 1970

Nearly 3 years after the death of Steve Guest , a journalist and former media adviser to the Cain Government in Victoria, the coroner still has not handed down a finding.

Supplies for pharmacies
Aug 21, 1970

There is an initiative of drug company Multipharma, which has decided to make available in all its pharmacies a pack containing all the products a doctor would need in carrying out an approved euthanasia.

Meeting of Friends at the End in Glasgow on Saturday 7 May 2005
Aug 21, 1970

This meeting, open to members & friends, will feature the Report of the Select Committee of the House of Lords on the "Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill" bill.


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