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French ADMD publishes Newsletter nr 143
Mar 26, 2018

French ADMD publishes Newsletter nr 143. Read it here (in French only).

Final Verdict in Cappato's Court case further postponed
Mar 19, 2018

On February 14, 2018 the court of Milan pronounced its preliminary judgement in the trial against Marco Cappato. See earlier news on this site. Cappato accompanied Fabiano Antoniani (Dj Fabo) to Dignitas Zurich to receive the support for his suicide. After a car accident DJ Fabo was blind and paraplegic and suffered from chronic pain. After his return in Italy Cappato turned himself in, stating he had violated article 580

End-of-Life Choice NZ published its February 2018 Newsletter Issue 49
Mar 19, 2018

End-of-Life Choice NZ published its February 2018 Newsletter Issue 49. Read it here.

DMD Colombia publishes its Newsletter (Bolletin no 64)
Mar 19, 2018

DMD Colombia publishes its Newsletter (Bolletin no 64). Read it here (in Spanish only).

Legal changes on their fast way in Hawai'i
Mar 19, 2018

On February 28, 2018 the Hawai’i House Committee on Health and Human Services and the Committee on Judiciary both passed a Death with Dignity bill (HB 2739, Our Care Our Choice Act), sending it to the full House of Representatives for a vote. Last year a similar bill (SB 1129) passed the Senate with a 22 to 3 vote, but was deferred in a House Committee without a vote. During yesterday's hearing, Hawai’i Governor

Dutch euthanasia law applies to foreigners (after all)
Feb 22, 2018

Dutch Journalist and writer Leo Enthoven clarifies in an article (Dutch version appeared in a Legal Journal), that the assumption that Dutch law was NOT applicable for foreigners, must be due to disinformation by the Dutch government. This 'mistake' has recently been corrected. Note: nothing has changed in the law! Read Leo Enthoven's explanation here.

Follow Up Suzy Austen
Feb 19, 2018

Statement by Professor Sean Davison, President of the World Federation of Right-to-Die Societies comments on the trial of Suzy Austen in New Zealand

I am deeply saddened by the High Court trial presently underway in Wellington, New Zealand, where Suzy Austen stands accused of assisted suicide and illegally importing pentobarbitone.  Suzy Austen was compassionately responding to the desperate pleas

Dutch NVVE publishes its 1rst edition of Relevant 2018
Feb 17, 2018

Dutch NVVE publishes its 1rst edition of Relevant 2018.

Read the English summary here. A PDF in Dutch (illustrations!) can be downloaded here.

Dying for Choice writes on the developments of legalisation in Australia after victory in Victoria
Feb 17, 2018

Neil Frances of Dying for Choice, published a readable article in Living Now on the developments of euthanasia legalisation process in Australia: why assisted dying law reform has taken so long, and why it will accelerate from here. Read it here.

African Region of World Medical Association rejects Euthanasia
Feb 17, 2018

As was to be expected, the African Region of the WMA in their meeting on February 3, 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria, also rejected Euthanasia calling instead for strenghtening of Palliative Care for terminal patients across Africa. It joins other regions of the WMA saying that medical aid in dying is contrary to the physician's oath.


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