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Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter nr 166
Aug 9, 2017

Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter nr 166. It's a special edition on JSDD 10 years ahead and its future role. Read the excerpt here.

Vatican sets ultimatum for Belgian Brothers of Charity
Aug 9, 2017

The Vatican announced an ultimatum for the Belgian Brothers of Charity to abandom their nota on euthanasia. Last may, the Brothers of Charity stated that from that moment on it allows euthanasia to take place in their psychiatric hospitals (see an earlier newsitem here).


Update on Omid's case
Aug 4, 2017

We received an update on the case of Omid in the UK. Read it here.

30th Anniversary Hemlock San Diego
Aug 4, 2017

Hemlock San Diego celebrates its 30th anniversary on 4 November in San Diego. Special guests will be Derek Humphry and Kathryn Tucker.

Good and bad news from Washington DC Death with Dignity Act
Jul 22, 2017

Death with Dignity National Center reports on the developments in Washington DC, both good and bad news. As of July 15 the Death with Dignity Act is in full force, implying that competent DC citizens may use

Ministerial Advisory Panel hands down their report on voluntary assisted dying
Jul 22, 2017

The Victorian Ministerial Advisory Panel on voluntary assisted dying today handed down its final report to the Government, comprising over 250 pages. Read the report by clicking here.

The Panel was composed of seven subject experts, with Professor Brian Owler as Chair and Professor Margaret O'Connor as Deputy Chair. It consulted extensively across Victoria, taking hundreds of submissions and appearances from relevant stakeholders, and reviewing legislation

Request for trial for Marco Cappato
Jul 20, 2017

 A Milan prosecutor has requested a trial for the right-to-die activist Marco Cappato, for helping DJ Fabo make his journey to Switzerland to die with dignity.



ADMD Belgium published its Newsletter nr 143-44
Jul 18, 2017

Belgian ADMD published its first and second quarter 2017 Newsletter nr 143-44 (in French). Read it here.

Belgian students launch euthanasia info-app
Jul 12, 2017

Four Belgian student nurses have developed an app that gives access to information on euthanasia in Belgium. The app ‘Euthassist’ is meant to give home nurses a tool to get answers to their questions on euthanasia.

Hospital-Based Program for implementation MAiD In Canada
Jul 10, 2017

From New England Journal of Medicine: The legal milestone - a bill that specified the conditions under which MAiD (Medical Aid in Dying) could be legally provided -  brought resolution to a long-running, contentious debate in this country about the permissibility of assisted dying, but left much ambiguity regarding its implementation. 


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