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Venezuela professor publishes a new book on euthanasia
Jun 30, 2018

Rafael Aguiar, a professor of Health Law in Venezuela, has been defending the fundamental right to die in Venezuela for 20 years now. His new book "Derecho a Morir con Dignidad: principios fundamentales" has to be seen as an update from

California's end-of-life act stays in limbo
Jun 17, 2018

California's limbo continues, uncertainty for the future as well! The Appellate Court in California this week granted Compassion Choices emergency petition to stay the Superior Court's decision to invalidate the End of Life Option Act (see earlier news here). This means

DWD Canada publishes News Update May 2018
Jun 1, 2018

DWD Canada publishes News Update May 2018, read it here.

Japanese Society JSDD publishes its Newsletter 169
Jun 1, 2018

Japanese Society JSDD publishes its Newsletter 169, read it here.

Annual Report Dutch Review Committees 2107 published
Jun 1, 2018

The Dutch Euthanasia Review Committees published their 2017 report. Main outcomes are:

In 2017 the Review Committees received 6585 reports( 2016: 6091), which is 4,4% (2016: 4%) of all 150.027 deaths in the Netherlands (2016: 148.973).

Interesting debate in Trinidad and Tobago on physician mindset
May 31, 2018

In a Guest editorial (2006) in the Caribbean Medical Journal, Dr Leonard Bernstein, DMD, MPH stated that too often physicians wind up with a mindset that all diseases have to be treated as much and as long as possible to keep the patient alive. For many centuries the rise of this mindset

Guernsey's attempt to legalize medical aid in dying failed
May 31, 2018

An attempt to legalize assisted-dying in Guernsey has been defeated by a vote of 24 to 14 in the States of Deliberation of the Parliament after a three-day debate. Members of the legislature voted against a requete (the bill) proposed by the Guernsey chief minister, Gavin St Pier. A series of

Dignity South Africa publishes News Update
May 31, 2018

Dignity South Africa publishes News Update. Read it here.

Dutch NVVE publishes its 2018 - 2 magazine Relevant
May 31, 2018

Dutch NVVE publishes its 2018 - 2 magazine Relevant. Read here the (English) summary, or click here for the (Dutch) full version.

Dignitas 20 years
May 31, 2018

On Thursday 17 May 2018 the non-profit member society “DIGNITAS – To live with dignity – To die with dignity” celebrated its twentieth anniversary. In the twenty years of its operation the member society has seen significant success in relation to freedom of choice and self-determination in life and life’s end.


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