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Trudeau says that if reelected he will relax the Canadian assisted dying law

Sunday, October 13, 2019

On Thursday the 10th of October, liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said that if re-elected, he would 'relax' the federal assisted dying laws, created by his own government, within six months.


At a French-language debate an elderly woman asked the six federal party leaders if they would respect the recent Quebec court decision that ruled that the current federal criteria for assisted death are too restrictive. Trudeau replied: "We need to be there as a government to help you navigate these difficult questions. Yes, we are going to relax the law in the next six months." Trudeau said that the assisted dying legislation passed by his government was new territory and required balancing to protect the most vulnerable and to respect peoples’ rights and peoples’ individual choices.


The other party leaders offered varied responses to the woman’s question. Read them on the website of Globalnews

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