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This September: New Zealand referendum on VAD - can you help?

Monday, August 3, 2020

New Zealanders are voting in a referendum in September to pass their End of Life Choice Act into law. Dying with Dignity New South Wales (Australia) asks for help to ensure this referendum succeeds.

Penny Hackett, President of Dying with Dignity NSW: "For it to fail would be devastating for our cause here in Australia. Voting is not compulsory in NZ and we need to make sure all Kiwi supporters of VAD have their say at the ballot box." Penny calls your attention for the following:  


Use your vote
Are you a Kiwi living in another part of the world? If you are entitled to vote, could you register as an overseas voter? Click here to find out more. Do you have friends and family in NZ? Please get in touch with them and encourage them to get out and vote. Click here for some information you could send them

Help us with a financial contribution
Could you make a financial contribution to help the NZ Yes Campaign? They are desperately short of money so any amount you can contribute will help their cause. Remember, we need this referendum to pass or it will be a big setback to the passage of assisted dying laws in Australia.

Healthcare Professionals - We need your support

Are you a doctor, nurse, paramedic, psychologist, physio or other allied health professional? Are you a social worker or aged care worker? Please signup to this national list of healthcare professionals who support VAD laws. You can choose not to have your name published. Sign-up here   


As always, thank you for your continued support.  Penny Hackett - President Dying with Dignity NSW

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