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Hemlock Society of San Diego needs volunteers

Friday, September 20, 2019

We Need You !Hemlock Society of San Diego (HSSD) needs volunteers.
Let them know your interests and skill set if you can help.


Some of the 'jobs' seem ok to do from another country. These are made bold.

Types of people HSSD need:

  • Greeters – Only a smile and pleasant personality are required.
  • Phone callers– Do you enjoy talking with people?  This job is for you!
  • Board/Committee Members
  • Audio-visual people - to setup/run the laptops and microphones at our meetings.
  • Videographers- to capture and edit video.
  • Social Media- to help us post to online sources such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Writers– Are you good at expressing yourself?   Offer to summarize articles for our newsletter and/or website.
  • Organizers– Be a volunteer coordinator.
  • Comedians– We’d like to “lighten up” our presentations/newsletter with items that bring laughs.   Are you talented in this area?

Have a skill not listed here?   Let them know!




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