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Film on Ramon Sampedro' s life to be shown in Venice mostra next September

Thursday, August 20, 1970

The film Mar Adentro (Out to the Sea) based on Ramon Sampedro┬┤s life and fight to die-with-dignity has been chosen to be shown in The International Film Festival in Venice (La Mostra) to be held between 1st and 11th September. It will be one of the 20 films to opt to the Golden Lion. The film will be also shown in USA and other English speaking countries before the end of the year.

The young filmaker Alejandro Amenabar has declared he did not want to fight for euthanasia but to show how a human being can fight with humour and intelligence to end his suffering by ending his life.

Talented actor Javier Bardem performs as Sampedro in a most remarkable way. Members of the Spanish society DMD, among other people, have provided the young filmaker with information about Sampedro' s life.

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