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Exit International presents NuTech Conference 2020

Thursday, July 16, 2020

The 2020 NuTech Conference will be held on Saturday 26 September, via Livestream. The theme of this year's NuTech is 'The Dementia Dilemma'. More information: NuTech2020 Website


Themes include: 

  • Device implantation – how can technology contribute to the Dementia Dilemma?
  • The DIY inorganic salt revolution
  • Artificial Intelligence & the determination of mental capacity


Speakers include: 

  • Marije de Haas - Euthanasia Futurist
  • Bert Keizer - Euthansia & Dementia Commentator
  • Kinga Jelinska - Feminist DIY Abortion Activist
  • Michael Laufer - Anarchist/ Biohacker
  • Richard Avocet (R2D Debreather)
  • Philip Nitschke (Exit)
  • Ted Ballou (FEN), Hugh Wynne, John Todd & more...



Tickets & Registration: 

Attendance is by stream and free to Exit International, Final Exit Network & Ultime Liberté members
Ticktes go on sale Monday 20 July 2020, via the 
NuTech2020 Website

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