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Euthanasia gag order lifted

Thursday, August 20, 1970

Lesley Martin can resume her campaign to legalise euthanasia after a gagging order was lifted in the Wanganui District Court yesterday.

Martin, charged with attempting to kill her ill mother, Joy, was banned earlier this month from speaking to the media.

The order, part of her bail conditions by Judge Gregory Ross, prevented Ms Martin from talking publicly on any subject. She still cannot discuss her case, but can talk generally about the right-to-die debate.

The new bail conditions forbid Ms Martin from discussing publicly or with the media the proceedings before the court or otherwise justifying her own actions concerning the alleged attempts to kill her mother.

Ms Martin was given permission to leave New Zealand for Australia between May 27 and June 3.

She intends to speak at an International Voluntary Euthanasia conference.

From: New Zealand Herald

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