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Dutch member of parliament submitted a bill for assisted dying

Monday, July 27, 2020

In the Netherlands, the social-liberal party (D66) submitted their long awaited bill on end-of-life guidance for elderly people. If the bill would pass, older people who consider their own lives to be complete can end their lives with help of professional attendants.

The Netherlands is known for its 2002 law on euthanasia. This law offers physicians the possibility to perform euthanasia without being punishable. This law only applies when a person has one or more medical diseases. People without medical diseases who wish to die have no opportunity to be helped. This new law wants to change that. This law is only meant for people above 75 in order to secure that only people who feel 'that their bodies last too long' request for it. 


Guiding letter

The bill

Explanation to the bill




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