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Agreement reached in long-term court case in Spain

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two members and the President of AFDMD (the Spanish Federal Association for the Right to a Digfnified Death) have finally reached an agreement with the prosecutor in a case against them in Avilés in Asturia.  The prosecutor requesting originally  a 6 years and 5 month prison sentence suspected the three of being involved in two assisted suicide cases and offense against Public Health. After more than 4 years of juridical struggle the three - supported by

AFDMD -  reached an agreement to reduce the sentences to 2 years resp. 6 month, with no time served for both. In a press release  and a 'Facts' paper AFDMD informs the readers about this ordeal and ask for support.
"DMD does not wish to break our laws, but to change them. It is our democratic duty to promote laws that reflect the wishes of the people they must serve".

Twitter hashtag #LibresHastaelFinal has been created.  

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