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24 July - Webinar on barriers to assisted dying

Friday, July 12, 2019

On 24 July, Dying With Dignity Canada will broadcast a webinar about medical assistance in dying (MAID), named “Journeys with choice: Shining a light on barriers to assisted dying”. The webinar will be featuring two speakers with personal experience supporting a loved one who requested medical assistance in dying (MAID).

The courageous storytellers joining us for our July 24 webinar will be:

The webinar will be hosted by Liana Brittain, the chair of Dying With Dignity Canada’s new First Person Witness Council. Since her late husband, Paul Couvrette, accessed assisted dying in May 2017, Liana has spoken out extensively about her husband’s choice and has become a leading advocate for people who have supported a loved one’s journey with MAID.

Space for this event is limited, so DWD Canada encourages you to sign up as soon as possible:


The webinar is part of Dying With Dignity Canada’s End in Mind Online Education Series.

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