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Clarification on USA legal situation
Apr 12, 2018

Following the success in Hawai'i, now 8 jurisdictions in the USA allow physician-assisted dying. Washington DC - being a district - has a law, enacted by the City Council, which has not been overruled by Congress. Currently 6 states

Hawai'i now seventh state in USA with assisted dying statute
Apr 6, 2018

After the parliamentary debates (in commissions and both chambers), on 5 April the last step was taken: Hawai‘i Governor David Ige signed the Our Care, Our Choice Act into law.
The law will go into effect on January 1, 2019.

News update from DWD Canada April 2018
Apr 6, 2018

DWD Canada published their April 2018 news update.  Read it here.

Exit International gets Canadian Chapter
Mar 29, 2018

A Canadian chapter of WF Member Exit International has been formed at the start of 2018. The Canadian chapter will be working in close collaboration with Exit International's Directors in the Netherlands and offers additional educational options to all those who do not

New Right to Die Society from Catalunya (Spain)
Mar 27, 2018

Catalunya's Dret a Morir Dignament - Catalunya has joined our Federation. See for details here.

Go Gentle Australia publishes News update
Mar 27, 2018

Go Gentle Australia publishes News update. Read it here.

Guernsey on its way to legalised assisted dying?
Mar 27, 2018

Seven members of Guernsey's States of Deliberation have proposed (a Requête) the States of Deliberation to develop a suitable legal regime to permit assisted dying. Guernsey’s top politician, chief minister Gavin St Pier is backing the proposal to allow assisted dying

EXIT Deutsche Schweiz is growing
Mar 26, 2018 At the end of December 2017, EXIT DS had 110,391 members in German-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino : some 10,078 new members joined the euthanasia organisation.
Last year, 734 people ended their lives using Exit’s services, compared with 723 the previous year. The number of requests from people thinking

New Zealand Right to Die Society publishes book
Mar 26, 2018

The End-of-Life Choice Society of New Zealand has published a book called Dying Badly – New Zealand Stories.  It was produced by Dr Jack Havill, former President of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of NZ (now renamed as EOLC NZ), and writer David Barber, who edits the society’s quarterly Newsletter. In the book the writers

DWD New South Wales publishes March 2018 Newsletter
Mar 26, 2018

DWD New South Wales publishes March 2018 Newsletter.  Read it here.


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