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Counter measure taken by German Ministry of Health against progressive judgement
Jul 1, 2018

Deutsche Welle (June 30, 2018) reports: The German Ministry of Health on Friday called for the medical regulatory body to stop allowing seriously ill people access to euthanasia drugs. The request to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical

NuTech to organise a meeting in Cape Town
Jul 1, 2018

NuTech is considering the possibility to set up a NuTech gathering in Cape Town in September 2018 to follow the WF Conference; this could take place on Sunday September 9, after the WFRtDS delegates meeting, or else on Monday 10.

An article following publication in Caribbean Journal.
Jul 1, 2018

Following an article in a Caribbean Journal, Leonard Bernstein published a condensed version of his (many) presentation. Worth reading material!

DMD Colombia publica su newsletter NR 65
Jul 1, 2018

DWD New South Wales publishes its June 2018 (Winter) Newsletter
Jul 1, 2018

It can be read here.DWD New South Wales publishes its June 2018 (Winter) Newsletter. It can be read here.

Before Forever After:When Conversations About Living Meet Questions About Dying
Jun 30, 2018

Helena Dolny, writer of Before Forever After believes we’d live better and suffer less if we were to talk about dying more readily.  It was Archbishop Desmond Tutu who told her: ‘This taboo about not talking about dying needs to be challenged.’  She took up this challenge, set out to interview a broad range of

Venezuela professor publishes a new book on euthanasia
Jun 30, 2018

Rafael Aguiar, a professor of Health Law in Venezuela, has been defending the fundamental right to die in Venezuela for 20 years now. His new book "Derecho a Morir con Dignidad: principios fundamentales" has to be seen as an update from

Venezuela profesor publicara nuevo libro
Jun 30, 2018

Rafael Aguiar, profesor de derecho de la salud en Venezuela, ha estado defendiendo el derecho fundamental a morir en Venezuela desde hace 20 años. Su nuevo libro "Derecho a morir con dignidad: principios fundamentales"  tiene que ser visto como una actualización de su anterior libro "Eutanasia: mitos y realidades" (2004). El libro

California's end-of-life act stays in limbo
Jun 17, 2018

California's limbo continues, uncertainty for the future as well! The Appellate Court in California this week granted Compassion Choices emergency petition to stay the Superior Court's decision to invalidate the End of Life Option Act (see earlier news here). This means

DWD Canada publishes News Update May 2018
Jun 1, 2018

DWD Canada publishes News Update May 2018, read it here.