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Marie Humbert passed away
Aug 26, 2018

La Voix du Nord (FR) reported (read article in French here) the passing of Marie Humbert.In a clinic in the night of 4 on 5 August 2018, Marie Humbert die

BBC Radio documentary on Aurelia Brouwers' case
Aug 26, 2018

A young Dutch woman (Aurelia Brouwers) suffering from a chronic psychiatrical condition asked for and got her assisted suicide. Her case was approved by the Review Committee in NL.

Euthanasia bill defeated in the Australian Federal Senate
Aug 26, 2018

The push to allow territories the right to legalise euthanasia has foundered in the Senate, with a majority of the chamber voting against the proposal before it reached the committee stage. The proposal appeared doomed when

Debate opened in Economist
Aug 26, 2018

Little doubt exists as to where The Economist stands on assisted dying. In 2015 they ran a cover calling for laws to be changed in Britain and elsewhere to allow doctors to help the terminally ill and the suffering to choose when they die.

Signed portrait of Desmond Tutu for sale
Aug 26, 2018

Dignity South Africa is putting up for auction a Tutu painting (see here) for raising funds for the organisation of the 2018 World Conference in Cape Town.

Death with Dignity NC Newsletter July 2018 published
Aug 26, 2018

Death with Dignity NC published its July 2018. It reports in a clear way the State of progress. Read it here.

Jersey assisted dying campaign
Aug 26, 2018
The Jersey Evening Post reported: Islanders urged to join assisted dying campaign ....   is trying 
to galvanise support to ensure that any future States proposition to legalise assisted dying has
a high chance of success. Read the PDF of full article in Jersey Evening Post here.
Belgian Federal Review Commission published 2-yearly report
Aug 26, 2018

The Belgian Federal Review Commission ( Commission fédérale de Contrôle et d’Évaluation de l’Euthanasie) published its report over 2016 and 2017.

Falkland Islands become first overseas British territory to vote in support of assisted dying
Aug 26, 2018

The Daily Mirror in London (Amy-Clare Martin): reported:

Japanese Society JSDD publishes its Newsletter 170
Jul 31, 2018

Japanese Society JSDD publishes its Newsletter 170, Read it here.