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WFRtDS Newsletter

Twice yearly, supplementary to their website and its electronic updates, WFRtDS publishes a colourful, 8 page, printed Newsletter in English only. It contains recent developments in the world of Right to Die, next to personal articles and pictures. The objective is not only to reach WF Member Societies,  but also people who are not affiliated with them. In this way they can link to what’s going on in the world. 
WFRtDS has no Individual memberships, but there is a category of Newsletter Subscribers. Subscribers can also support the WFRtDS by contributing US$ 100 during a six month period to the Century Club. The Newsletter will list Century Club Members in each issue - with gratitude.

After subscription to this publication you will receive the Newsletter by post to your home, twice a year.
Further details of a membership of the Century Club can be found in each WF Newsletter.
If you want to subscribe send your full name and address (do not forget the zip code!) with US$ 20 (or an equivalent of this in Euro or AUS$ and NZ$) for a two year subscription (= 4 numbers!) to:
Faye Girsh, Editor
8515 Costa Verde Blvd, # 1751

San Diego CA 92122

Ron Plummer, WFRtDS Treasurer
2 rue Honore Labande
Monte Carlo
Monaco  MC 98000
Rodney Syme, member of WFRtDS Board
20 Woodside Crescent
Toorak, Vic, 3142