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WF president Sean Davison struck off medical register in New Zealand

Friday, August 14, 2020

Sean Davison.On the 11th of August, World Federation president Sean Davison, who received a three-year house arrest sentence at his home in Cape Town, has been struck off a register of medical professions in New Zealand. 

This happened after a hearing with the New Zealand Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal. Davison had been provisionally registered with the Country's Medical Sciences Council as a medical laboratory scientist. Davison explained that when a New Zealand citizen was convicted in another country, this conviction could be transferred to New Zealand. Davison emigrated from New Zealand to South Africa in 1991. In June 2019, Sean Davison pleaded guilty to the three murder charges he faced and therefore received a three-year house arrest sentence. 

Reaction of Davison
Sean Davison told the Worldfederation: "On the basis of my murder convictions in South Africa I have been charged with professional misconduct in New Zealand and struck off the medical professions register in New Zealand. Such a charge will make me virtually unemployable in New Zealand. I am very disappointed by this decision and fail to understand why helping three men to end their unbearable suffering makes me unfit to practice as a medical scientist. I have received many kind messages of support which have been uplifting, thank you for these."


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