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VAD bill passed Western Australian Upper House in 2nd reading

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

On Wednesday 23 October 2019, the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill passed one of its biggest hurdles after the Upper House voted 25 to 10 in favour of the Bill at the Second Reading.


There were hugs and tears in the public gallery as supporters realised that the support in the Legislative Council was stronger than expected. Immediately following the vote the debate moved to the Committee of the Whole stage, in which the Bill is discussed clause by clause and proposed amendments considered and voted on.

While the VAD Bill passed through the Lower House without amendments, the Government is expecting a more difficult passage in the Legislative Council. A number of Upper House MPs who agreed to support the legislation at the second reading vote have indicated that their support in the final vote will depend on certain amendments. With 184 clauses in total this will be a very long and tedious process.


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