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Swedish Right to Die RTVD publishes its October 2013 magazine

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Swedish RTVD publishes its October 2013 magazine RTVD Bulletinen no 74. (Swedish language only) . The editor summarizes the content as follows:  the main article is a story concerning a suicide of an elderly lady, who was not terminally ill, but had a number of various ailments, a body weakened by age and lived a very lonely life. The story tells of the impact this suicide made upon relatives and

the surrounding - they were shocked and considered the lady to have had utterly selfish motives, thinking only of herself. - New pamphlets and a small card to present the society have been printed and the members are invited to order these for further distribution amongst friends and neighbours. - Another subject was a discussion concerning terminal/palliative sedation.

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