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European Division of WFRtDS

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Oregon Health Authority publishes 2018 Data Summary
Feb 15, 2019

The Oregon Health Authority published its 2018 Data summary.

UKs first Assisted Dying Coalition formed to campaign for millions who want right to die
Feb 12, 2019

The first-ever national coalition for assisted dying, made up of a cross-section of campaigners including doctors and nurses, has formed. 


NVVE publishes its 2019 - 1 magazine Relevant
Feb 11, 2019

Dutch Right to Die Society NVVE published its first Relevant of 2019.
The Relevant is the quarterly magazine of the NVVE. They also make an English summary, which you find hereby 

Belgian euthanasia pioneer Etienne Vermeersch died
Feb 8, 2019

On January 18, 2019, Etienne Vermeersch died. He opted for euthanasia (after a long illness). He wrote shortly before his death: ' I die thanks to my life's work. I do not want to serve as a role model. My death is not a statement. Every man has to make up for himself how he wants to die '.

Dignitas publishes February 2019 Newsletter
Feb 7, 2019

The non-profit member society DIGNITAS (To live with dignity – To die with dignity) publishes her February 2019 Newsletter.

Three new law proposals in Oregon
Feb 7, 2019

In January, three bills have been introduced in Oregon: two in the House and one in the Senate, all sponsored by Democrats.

Most British GPs think medical organisations should drop opposition to assisted dying
Feb 5, 2019

More than half of British GPs think organisations such as the RCGP and the BMA should drop opposition to assisted dying and adopt a 'neutral stance'. That is the conclusion of a poll, organised by campaign group Dignity in Dying.

Dying with Dignity Canada publishes January 2019 Newsletter
Feb 2, 2019

  Dying with Dignity Canada published its January 2019 Newsletter.

Japan Society for Dying with Dignity publishes Newsletter No.172
Feb 1, 2019

The Japan Society for Dying with Dignity (JSDD) publishes Newsletter No.172.

Court Case of Sean Davison extended to April
Jan 29, 2019

Today, 29 January 2019, the trial of Sean Davison was expected to be continued with new charges being laid. But the Magistrate decided to postpone the case to 29 April “to allow for Davison to consult his lawyer, also extending his bail of ZAR 20,000”, but of course also to grant the


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