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App for testing purity of lethal medications in development

Monday, April 3, 2017

Exit International has developed an app to test the purity of lethal medications, such as Nembutal. This app can be used to test the drugs bought on the internet. A growing number of elderly people buy lethal medications from abroad, but are concerned about their quality.


The device uses infrared light and is connected to a smartphone. Through this device, one can determine the purity of the medications. It is a new, simple way to test if the powder is genuine. The purchase and import Nembutal is illegal in most Western countries. The medications that are manifactured, are mostly made by chemical companies in China. They ensure a steady online support.


The growing demand increases the scamming incidents as well, so the need for testing products is growing. Exit International is developing an extension of the app to be used with liquid forms of veterinary Nembutal, that is commonly available over-the-counter in countries including Mexico, Peru and Boliva.


The app was launched last week. The rollout of the process will be in a series of pop-up testing events expected to be trialed by the end of this month.


Read more here. For other devices provided by Exit International to test the quality of medications, see here.


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