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VAD bill passed West Australian Lower House
Sep 25, 2019

As predicted one month ago, the Voluntary Assisted Dying bill that was tabled in the Lower House in August, now passed this Lower House. The bill garnered more votes on its final reading (45 to 11) than the earlier vote that enabled its detailed consideration. 

Terminally ill man challenges law in England
Sep 24, 2019

A terminally ill man says he hopes to end "hopeless futures" by attempting to change the law on assisted dying. Phil Newby, who has Motor Neurone Disease (MND), has raised more than £40,000 to challenge England's law on assisted dying. His legal bid would take a different approach to previous UK cases by allowing judges to cross-examine witnesses and evidence.

Nova Scotia Health Authority ends Catholic hospital's exemption from providing MAiD
Sep 23, 2019

Under the threat of a possible court challenge, Nova Scotia has quietly changed its policy on medically assisted dying at a Catholic hospital in the province. 

Dying with Dignity Queensland publishes its September 2019 Newsletter
Sep 22, 2019

Dying with Dignity Queensland published its September 2019 Newsletter

Irish poll proves that majority of people support legalising assisted suicide
Sep 21, 2019

A majority of Irish people believe that assisted suicide should be legalised in Ireland. The latest Am'rach/Claire Byrne Live poll for found that 55% of people think that assisted suicide should be legal in Ireland. The poll found that 22% opposed the legalisation of assisted suicide, while 23% said they didn't know.

NVVE publishes its 2019 - 3 magazine Relevant
Sep 20, 2019

The Dutch Right to Die Society NVVE published its third Relevant of 2019. The Relevant is the quarterly magazine of the NVVE. They also make an English summary, which you find hereby: Relevant Summaries of 2019-3.

Hemlock Society of San Diego needs volunteers
Sep 20, 2019

We Need You !Hemlock Society of San Diego (HSSD) needs volunteers.
Let them know your interests and skill set if you can help.

Go Gentle Australia publishes its Spring 2019 newsletter
Sep 20, 2019

Go Gentle Australia published its Spring 2019 Newsletter

Save the date: The National Clinicians Conference on Medical Aid in Dying
Sep 20, 2019

On February 14-15, 2020, at the University of California, Berkeley, the first National Clinicians Conference on Medical Aid in Dying will be held.

Petition to veto the Maine Death with Dignity Act did not reach enough signatures
Sep 19, 2019

Last Wednesday was the deadline for the petition to veto the Maine Death with Dignity Act. However, the opponents have fallen short of gathering enough signatures. This means that the USA's ninth aid-in-dying statute will go into effect today (September 19, 2019)


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