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New move in Ireland on the Right to Die front

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Independent member of Irish Parliament TD John Halligan moved a Private Member’s Bill providing for “a dignified and peaceful end of life” for qualifying persons.The Dying with Dignity Bill 2015 would recognise “the right of clearly consenting adults who are enduring intolerable physical suffering to seek medical help to end their lives”.

Mr Halligan said the Bill was inspired by the battle of the late exceptionally brave Irish Marie Fleming, who while in the final stages of multiple sclerosis took a landmark challenge to the Supreme Court.
She lost that battle but the Chief Justice said in the case at that time there was nothing in the judgement to prevent the State from introducing legislative measures with appropriate safeguards to deal with such cases as hers. Mr Halligan said that his Bill contained exactly those safeguards, setting out strictly monitored criteria to allow a person in abnormal suffering to choose a dignified, pain-free death surrounded by loved ones rather than continue to endure their excruciating torture with no quality of life. “We are talking about people who, in their most desperate moment of life, are being deprived of their humanitarian.

Mr Halligan said he knew the issue was taboo for many TDs, but it was already being debated throughout Europe. "Euthanasia, or assisted suicide, is already legal in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland," he said, adding "that it was an ethical issue Ireland would have to address sooner or later Various opinion polls estimated that about seven in 10 people would be in favour of assisted suicide for people suffering with a terminal illness," he said.

(Irish Times, December 2015)

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