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European Division of WFRtDS

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Newsbulletin October 2012 of Swedish RtD Society RTVD published

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

for Swedish readers: RTVD, the Swedish Right to Die Society, published its Bulletinen nr 71, Oktober 2012.  The Bulletinen holds articles on:

  • an interview with a Swedish bishop who declares she can stand up for physician assisted suicide in certain cases
  • (page 4) “I want to die like a cat - not as a human being.” The story tells about a much loved cat getting an injection and dying peacefully in the owner’s arms. Whilst a friend, a man, is lying week after week, month after month, awaiting in great pain and utter sadness his death, knowing very well there is no improvement or hope ahead
  • (page 6) “A change of the law will be necessary to initiate physician assisted suicide and euthanasia.” An interview about the Swedish law with a professor of medical law
  • a report on the World Conference of WFRtDS in Zürich, Switzerland, June 2012

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