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EXIT considers assisted dying for people who are tired of life

Thursday, June 22, 2017

EXIT-Deutsche Schweiz has commissioned a working group to look into the possibility of assisting elderly people who are in good health, but with a death-wish, to die. This was decided at their annual general meeting in Zurich.


Currently, it is difficult to get access to assisted suicide for elderly people who are tired of life. Saskia Frei, president , told news agencies that Exit DS is going to fund a working group to look into the possibilities of extending their services.


The working group will examine the ethical, legal and political issues surrounding assisted suicide to this group of elderly, healthy people. They will write a report, on which Exit will base its decision whether they are going to provide the service.


At the moment, Exit DS only provides its service to people with terminal illnesses, debilitating diseases or multiple age-related debilitating disabilities. 

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