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Death with Dignity Bill 2016 defeated in South Australian Parliament

Friday, November 18, 2016

After the agreed Parliamentary debate on 17 November, the McFetridge Bill was sadly defeated. At 4.12 am on November 18 the debate closed in a tied vote 23:23. The Speaker cast his vote: against. He always was

a vehement opponent. There were 18 2nd reading speeches and  in the 2.5 hours before, all but one against.  The 2nd reading vote to go into Committee got 27:19. Four of them later voted against the Bill after the 6 hours of debating amendments South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill said he felt "gutted" by the defeat. But he was sure a new bill would be introduced in time.

It is not yet certain what will happen with the plan to discuss Steph Key's Bill later this year.

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