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Summary Relevant 1 February 2008
Aug 21, 1970

Relevant is the quarterly magazine of the NVVE.

...And A Nurse
Aug 21, 1970

Another case from the past has been resumed. A nurse who was imprisoned for three months in 2000, with her parents, after having given a lethal injection to an aunt suffering from a liver disease has recently been told by her lawyer that the case is to be referred to the courts where she will be accused of manslaughter. This will be the first time a case involving medical practice and an ethical problem concerning euthanasia will go before a jury.

Source: Newsletter RtD-Europe, September 2005.

European Union Grants NGO Status to World Fed
Aug 21, 1970

Taken from the World Right-to-Die Newsletter issue no. 46, Januray 2005.

By Michael Irwin

Contact information about the World Federation appears now on a list of “NGOs with Expertise in Fundamental Rights”, ­produced by the European Union (an organization of 25 ­countries, headquartered in Brussels).

Others on this list of exactly 100 organizations include Amnesty International, the European Humanist Federation, Friends of the Earth, Human Rights Watch, and Greenpeace.

Meeting held on Death With Dignity Bill
Aug 21, 1970

As reported in Newsletter No 2, the Death With Dignity Bill of Jeremy Purvis, Liberal Democrat MSP, has been out for consultation by public bodies and committees through the summer. It is expected to be debated in the Scottish Parliament later this year.

Censorship bill fought
Aug 21, 1970

The Australian parliament is likely to pass a law banning information about suicide from being given on the internet, by phone—or publication and distribution of research—on new methods of self-deliverance. Clearly aimed at Dr. Philip Nitschke and his Exit International activities, the government will be able to tap Exit’s phones, infiltrate and screen Exit’s faxes and emails, and monitor Exit’s website and listservs.

Results of First Ever UK-Wide Study into Euthanasia and End-of-life Decisions
Aug 21, 1970

The results of the first UK-wide study into euthanasia are revealed today, January 18th 2006, in ‘Palliative Medicine’. The survey, carried out by a Brunel University academic, shows the proportion of UK deaths in which doctors report having assisted patients’ suicide, carried out euthanasia, or taken other medical decisions relating to the ending of life. This is the first time such a comprehensive survey of UK medical practice has been reported. Because the same survey has been done in other countries, rates in the UK can be compared with rates elsewhere.

Toronto manifesto
Aug 21, 1970

The World Federation of Right to Die Societies (an international non-governmental organization) is aware of the increasing concern to many individuals over their right to die with dignity. Believing in the rights and freedom of all persons, we affirm this right to die with dignity, meaning in peace and without suffering.

New medical guidelines
Aug 21, 1970

The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences has produced a report on the Care of patients in the terminal phase of life. This latest version stresses the rights of all patients, who are competent, to determine whether or not various treatments may be administered. This is the case even if third parties think the patient’s wishes are against their best interests and apply whether the patient is a child, an adolescent or is legally incapacitated.

Evelyn Martens acquitted
Aug 21, 1970

Taken from the World Right-to-Die Newsletter issue no. 46, Januray 2005.

A Canadian great-grandmother, Evelyn Martens from Victoria, charged with aiding and abetting the suicides of two terminally ill women in 2002, was acquitted by a jury after a prolonged preliminary hearing in 2003 and a recent trial. Testimony, even from prosecution witnesses, made it clear that both women had carefully planned their self-deliverance and that they were clearly suffering unbearably from their illnesses.

Parliament Steps Rally To Support Dying With Dignity Bill
Aug 21, 1970

Dying With Dignity Victoria (DWDV) will hold the annual Steve Guest Day Rally on the steps of Parliament House Victoria on Wednesday, April 16th at 1-2 p.m.


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