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Supreme Court of California denied the petition against the End of Life Option Act

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

On February 27, the Supreme Court denied the petition of the opponents of California's End of Life Option Act. These plaintiffs wanted the Supreme Court to review last year's Fourth Court of Appeal decision. In that decision the Court denied the plaintiffs standing to file a lawsuit seeking to halt the implementation of the End of Life Options Acts. The reason for this denial was that, according to the Court, the plaintiffs were in no way harmed by this Act. Now the Supreme Court ruled that they cannot come up against this decision.


This is good news for Californians with a terminal illness peace of mind in their final days: they can still count on the law, now it continues to be in effect.


On February 19, the California Advocate General already advised the Supreme Court to deny the petition. (See the earlier WF newsitem.) 


Read more about this attempt to a lawsuit on the website of Death with Dignity.


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