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Sidney Rosoff (94) founder of WFRtDS died

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Veteran of 40 years involvement with the right-to-die movement, in the USA and worldwide, Sidney D. Rosoff died on 4 January 2019 at his home in New York after a long illness. He was 94. He was founding president of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies in l980.

The World Federation commemorates Sidney Rosoff as an loyal and inspirational friend who managed for years - despite his age and limitations - to participate in the biennial Conferences of the WFRtDS. A walking WF Encyclopedia!

Derek Humphry writes: "Sidney was always the peacemaker in a movement known for its controversial positions and highly opinionated colleagues. His low-key manner and lawyer skills settled many an argument. In the l970s when the issue of choices in dying well surfaced, and a handful of involved groups around the world were emerging in disjointed fashion, Sidney and myself put together the framework of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies and got it launched at a disputatious conference in Oxford in l980. Sidney wrote the (first) by-laws and set up the foundation. Despite his physical limitations from a stroke, Sidney took part in the Federation's 2014 conference in Chicago hosted by the Final Exit Network."

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