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European Division of WFRtDS

Interested in more news on the Right to Die? FEN circulates on a regular basis an electronic news list (successor to the ERGO News List) with news from around the world.

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DWD Tasmania publishes Newsletter August 2020
Aug 30, 2020

Dying with Dignity Tasmania publishes Newsletter August 2020. In this newsletter a call to action regarding the new End of Life Choices Bill.

New bill in Tasmanian parliament
Aug 29, 2020

On August 27, the new End of Life Choices Bill is introduced in the Tasmanian legislative council (upper house). This was done by Mike Gaffney. Read all about it in the recent newsletter of DWD Tasmania

Weekly conference on completed life this September and Oktober
Aug 25, 2020

The Completed Life Initiative, founded in 2019, invites us for a six-week virtual conference exploring what it means to live a completed life. Noted speakers will survey a spectrum of cases of people who have lived a completed life and those who have not. Walk along as speakers lay out a plan to implement a legal, medical, and ethical framework to allow those who have led a completed life to end their lives with dignity. Read it all here:

Dying with Dignity NSW publishes its Winter 2020 Newsletter
Aug 16, 2020

Dying with Dignity New South Wales published its Winter 2020 Newsletter.

Good results for liver transplantation after euthanasia in the Netherlands and Belgium
Aug 16, 2020

A liver donated after euthanasia can be transplanted just as well as a liver donated after a 'normal' death. This has emerged from research by medical researcher Marjolein van Reeven, who is affiliated with the Erasmus MC Department of Surgery in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

WF president Sean Davison struck off medical register in New Zealand
Aug 14, 2020

Sean Davison.On the 11th of August, World Federation president Sean Davison, who received a three-year house arrest sentence at his home in Cape Town, has been struck off a register of medical professions in New Zealand. 

Great support among psychiatrists in Belgium to retain euthanasia as option in psychiatric suffering
Aug 12, 2020

On Tuesday the 11th of August, the End-of-life Care Research Group (VUB-UGent) published a study about the willingness among psychiatrists to take a concrete, active role in euthanasia procedures when it comes to psychiatric suffering. The results are ambiguous.

First data published about the effect of the New Jersey Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act
Aug 10, 2020

On Friday the 31st of July 2020, the state Department of Health of New Jersey released their 2019 Data Summary about the Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act, that is in force since the 1st of August last year. 

Judicial supervision in France for a 87-year-old woman who helped her husband to die
Aug 9, 2020

Begin August, in France, a 87-year-old woman was indicted and placed under judicial control, suspected of having killed her 90-year-old husband. The woman, who admitted to having killed him to shorten his suffering, was taken into custody. She was indicted but left free, under judicial supervision.

Uruguayan RTD Society is born, together with a bill to legalize euthanasia in Uruguay
Aug 5, 2020

This summer, Uruguay showed interesting developments. A bill to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide is brought into Uruguay's parliament, a Right to Die Society is born and a recent report showed that the majority of the population is supporting euthanasia and assisted suicide. 


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