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Marco Cappato definitively acquitted for assisting DJ Fabo in his suicide

Thursday, December 26, 2019

On Monday December 23, Marco Cappato was finally acquitted of assisted suicide. This decision followed the Constitutional Court landmark ruling of last month.  

The prosecutor in the case, Tiziana Siciliano, had requested the acquittal following the constitutional court’s ruling. After the verdict she said: “This is a historic day because the court’s decision fully reflects article 2 of the constitution, which puts the individual, and not the state, at the center of social life.” 

Marco Cappato, a board member of the Italian Right to Die organisation Luca Coscioni, accompanied the 40-year-old blind and tetraplegic Italian disc jockey, Fabiano Antoniani, better known as DJ Fabo, to a Swiss clinic in 2017, in order to 
take his own life there

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