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Dutch assessment committee about late termination of pregnancy and termination of life of newborns publishes annual report 2017

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Last October the Dutch Assessment committee about late termination of pregnancy and termination of life in newborns published its annual report over 2017.

Termination of life of newborns can be justified under Dutch law, when a newborn is suffering unbearably from a disease, and palliative care cannot relief the pain.   
It is different from euthanasia, as there is no request from the person itself. Instead, the parents must be informed thoroughly and they must give permission for the termination of life. 

In 2017, one case of termination of life of a newborn (LP) is reported. Since the establishment of the Commission in 2007, there has been a report of a LP only once before (in 2009). 

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