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Canadian documentary ROAD TO MERCY airs on CBC (8 October 2016)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Toronto filmmaker Nadine Pequeneza’s documentary on assisted death, Road to Mercy, is a deep, aching, finely drawn film. It explores the issue through a series of intimate individual portraits of patients seeking assisted death, the loved ones coming to terms with their decision, and

the doctors and therapists who support them. Asked about her ideas, Pequenza answered: "For me, it’s really important that this film gets people talking about assisted death in its many variations. By that I mean not just terminally ill patients who are a week away from death, but giving access or considering access for people with degenerative, non-terminal or not immediately foreseeable deaths."

World Broadcast Premiere: CBC Firsthand - Thursday October 6th at 9 PM (ET)

Repeat Broadcast: CBC News Network - Sunday October 9th at 6 PM (ET)

You can also stream it online via, the CBC Player (web), or download the CBC TV app (iOS | Android)
(Available 8 pm, October 6)

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