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European Division of WFRtDS

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Chicago USA


The Conference schedule can be seen here.

WFRtDS State of Affairs 2014

Available WF Congress Presentations:

Michael Irwin: Old Age Rational Suicide

Rodney Syme: Challenging the legal system - and get away with it

Rodney Syme; workshop (PowerPoint) How to avoid an undignified death if you have Dementia

Chris Docker: (a large file!) Illustrated Seminar on methods of self deliverance - new and old

Pascal Landa: A new approach to End of Life legalisation


Desmond Tutu's welcoming words  to the 20th WF Conference to be seen here.


On video

Elaine Feuer, Larry Egbert and Laura Belli  (Thursday 9-10.45 am) presentation here.

Jeanne Arthur, Boudewijn Chabot (Thursday 11-12 am) presentations here.

Plenary session in AMC (Thursday 1.30-5.30 pm) presentations here.

Andriessen NL (Friday pm session) presentation here.

Miller, Wood, Davison (Friday pm session) presentation here.

Miller USA (Friday pm session) presentation here: AUDIO (MP3) only.

Wood, Davison (Friday pm session) presentation here: AUDIO (MP3) only.

Wendell Stephenson USA (Friday pm session) presentation here.

Dick Coté USA (Saturday am session) presentation here.

Boudewijn Chabot NL (Saturday am session) presentation here.

Ton Vink NL (Saturday am session) presentation here.

1rst part of WFRtDS Delegates meeting

2nd part of WFRtDS Delegates meeting 

Videoclip session: Navigating the slippery slope (filmer Vanessa Gravenor)

A first series of pictures here.

Photographic impressions from Dick Coté


Awards have been granted to:

 Marilyn Seguin Award: Véronique Hivon

 Tenrei Ohta Award:  Michael Irwin

 Health Professional Award: Rodney Syme

 WF LIfetime achievement Award:  Derek Humphry

 (info about the awards can be found here)


New WFRtDS Board elected: click here