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WFRtDS Conference 2018

To be held in Cape Town South Africa from 6 to 9 September 2018.


   NB !!  as it stands now the City of Cape Town has guaranteed watersupply  to the City and the Cape Sun Hotel will not be disrupted. The venue has confirmed this.

NB 2!! Early Bird registration possible until April 1, 2018.


Visit the special Conference website Assisteddying 2018 with regular updates on program.

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Final Verdict in Cappato's Court case further postponed
Mar 19, 2018

On February 14, 2018 the court of Milan pronounced its preliminary judgement in the trial against Marco Cappato. See earlier news on this site. Cappato accompanied Fabiano Antoniani (Dj Fabo) to Dignitas Zurich to receive the support for his suicide. After a car accident DJ Fabo was blind and paraplegic and suffered from chronic pain. After his return in Italy Cappato turned himself in, stating he had violated article 580

End-of-Life Choice NZ published its February 2018 Newsletter Issue 49
Mar 19, 2018

End-of-Life Choice NZ published its February 2018 Newsletter Issue 49. Read it here.

DMD Colombia publishes its Newsletter (Bolletin no 64)
Mar 19, 2018

DMD Colombia publishes its Newsletter (Bolletin no 64). Read it here (in Spanish only).

Legal changes on their fast way in Hawai'i
Mar 19, 2018

On February 28, 2018 the Hawai’i House Committee on Health and Human Services and the Committee on Judiciary both passed a Death with Dignity bill (HB 2739, Our Care Our Choice Act), sending it to the full House of Representatives for a vote. Last year a similar bill (SB 1129) passed the Senate with a 22 to 3 vote, but was deferred in a House Committee without a vote. During yesterday's hearing, Hawai’i Governor

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The World Federation

The World Federation, founded in 1980, consists of 50 right to die organizations from 25 countries. The Federation provides an international link for organizations working to secure or protect the rights of individuals to self-determination at the end of their lives.

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The official language of the WFRtDS is English, reason why information on this site is mainly published in that language. Where available or applicable, some information is also published in other languages (French, German or Spanish). 

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