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Student sponsorship World Conference


Dignity SA, organisers and host of the WF Conference in Cape Town, has been approached by a number of South African students keen to attend but unable to due to financial constraints.

With your help we can ensure that the very people in whose hands we may one day find ourselves are given an opportunity to make up their own minds about this sometimes contentious issue, by being exposed to the rational thinking of world leaders in the movement.

Sponsor a student today by completing the form to be found on

WFRtDS Conference 2018

To be held in Cape Town South Africa from 6 to 9 September 2018.


     NB !! it started to rain: no more water supply problems!


Visit the special Conference website Assisteddying 2018 for regular updates on program.

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Citizen's Initiative Finland voted down in Parliament
May 7, 2018

The Finnish citizen's Initiative to have legalisation of euthanasia in Finland along the lines of the BeNeLux model has finally failed to pass Parliament.

A special Social Affairs and Health Committee of the Finnish Parliament first heard

Facebook group The Right to Die started
Apr 29, 2018

James Park, from USA, started Facebook group The Right to Die. On which items can be published an discussed from all angles of the debate on end of life decisions.

Newsletter Dutch society De Einder April 2018 published
Apr 29, 2018

Dutch RtD group De Einder published its April 2018 Newsletter (in Dutch). You can read it here.

Colombia regulates the right of boys, girls and adolescents (NNA) to die through euthanasia
Apr 29, 2018

The Ministry of Health, ordered by the Constitutional Court, has recently issued a resolution in which it regulates the right of boys, girls and adolescents (NNA) to die through euthanasia (NNA). In this new regulation, the minor,

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The World Federation

The World Federation, founded in 1980, consists of 51 right to die organizations from 26 countries. The Federation provides an international link for organizations working to secure or protect the rights of individuals to self-determination at the end of their lives.

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The official language of the WFRtDS is English, reason why information on this site is mainly published in that language. Where available or applicable, some information is also published in other languages (French, German or Spanish). 

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