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Summary RELEVANT 2010 - 1
Feb 15, 2010

The English summary of RELEVANT 2010-1, the quarterly NVVE, Dutch RtD magazine, has been published and can be read as PDF by clicking here.

RESEARCH: BMJ publication on end-of-life care in Belgium
Feb 15, 2010

A research team of the VUB (Brussels Free University), headed by professor Lieve de Bock, explored the relation between the care provided in the final three months of life and the prevalence and types of end of life decisions in Belgium. It concerned a two year nationwide retrospective study.

TRIBUNALS: guarantee for due care in assisted dying?
Feb 14, 2010

On February 1 this year, BBC 1 broadcasted the Richard Dimbleby Lecture "Shaking Hands With Death" by famous author Terry Pratchet. In this lecture Pratchet - himself being diagnosed with [early] Alzheimer - made a plea for a "pre-assistance assessment" by tribunals, a system used in the UK in other sensitive situations.

A COURAGEOUS BATTLE: a novel that incorporates the issue of assisted dying
Feb 14, 2010

Susan Bracken, a member of the Right to Die Society of Canada has published a novel that incorporates the issue of assisted dying within a framework of universal fiction themes: the protagonist overcomes neglect and abuse in her young life to achieve riches and fame and she finds true love.

Uproar over Dutch euthanasia law's architect Els Borst
Jan 31, 2010

In the book "Redeemer under God", recently published by researcher Anne-Mei The, Els Borst was quoted as having said that she may have made a mistake... and...   now says it was brought in 'far too early'.  Without elaborating, she admitted that medical care for the terminally-ill had declined since the law came into effect.

Mrs Borst herself rebutted the assumptions in a letter to the editor of a Dutch paper (NRC).

End-of-Life Consultation Services research published
Jan 31, 2010

Two researchgroups from Belgium and the Netherlands (the End-of-life Care Research Group from VU Brussels and the EMGO VUmc Amsterdam group) published a theoretical study into the practice of End-of-Life Consultation Services, developped in both countries: Establishing specialized health services for professional consultation in euthanasia: experiences in the Netherlands and Belgium.

WFRtDS Newsletter issue 57, winter 2009 published
Jan 4, 2010
DWDV Newsletter Update Spring edition released
Dec 15, 2009

November 4, 2009: The DWDV Spring edition of Update is released with news on developments in Voictoria, Australia a

WF Newsletter issue 48 published
Dec 1, 2009
RELEVANT 2009-4 - English Summary
Dec 1, 2009

The quarterly Magazine of the NVVE, Relevant 2009-4, is released.You can read the English Summary by clicking here


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