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Literature survey on UK doctors' attitudes published
Apr 25, 2011

The March 2011 edition of the Journal of Palliative Medicine contained a literature survey on UK doctors attitudes to either assisted voluntary euthanasia (AVE), or physician assisted suicide (PAS), or both titled UK doctors consistently oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide.
Between 1990 and 2010 the authors

English version of first Luxemburg's Review Commissions report published
Apr 25, 2011

Follwing earlier publication of the Euthanasia Commmission in March this year (see concerning publication on this site by clicking here), the English version of the Luxemburg Review Commission Report was published on April 23, 2011. The full text  reads as follows....

Phoenix trial against Final Exit Network volunteers
Apr 25, 2011

On Monday April 4, 2011 the Phoenix  trial against two volunteers of the Final Exit Network (FEN) started with jury selection. The case concerned allegations as would the two FEN volunteers had conspired and aided in the suicide of Jana Van Vorhis in April 2007 (!). The session would take 14 days, before

PubMed selection April 2011
Apr 22, 2011

The new PubMed selection is now available by clicking here. To read the full article on Quality of Death and Dying you can click here.

Vermont (USA) to become third state with a DWD Act?
Apr 22, 2011

Peg Sandeen of Death with Dignity National Centre (USA) reports the introduction of a DWD Bill in the Vermont senate.

The Voice - DWD Canada's periodical, edition March 2011 available now
Apr 2, 2011

The March 2011 issue of DWD Canada's Newsletter The Voice is available here.

Luxembourg reviewcommittee brings out 2009-2010 annual report
Apr 2, 2011

The Luxembourg Reviewcommittee on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, published its first annual report. After the enactement of the law in March 2009,  this report covers the period between the 4th quarter of 2009 and 2010: five (5) cases were reported.

Defining end-of-life terminology - a publication on clouding the debate
Apr 2, 2011

Dr Andrew  McGee, a law academic from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), says  in an article published in the international journal " Legal Studies: Journal for the Society of Legal Scholars", that a genuine public debate on "legalising euthanasia" can only happen after a clear distinction is made between assisted suicide and euthanasia and the withholding, refusal, or withdrawal of life-sustaining measures.

RtD-Europe statement on Italian developments
Mar 23, 2011

Regarding the current situation in Italy, RtD-Europe has made the following statement:

WFRtDS Award winner and Canadian RtD activist Evelyn Martins dies
Mar 9, 2011

On January 3, 2011, WF Marilyn Seguin Award winner  Evelyn Martens, one of the founders of the Right to Die Society in Canada, who faced a two-year long battle with the law — and won — died on 3 January 2011 in hospital in British Columbia, from complications thought to be from a gall bladder infection. She was 79.


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