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BILLBOARD in Australia
Nov 3, 2010

After repeated attempts, Exit International finally succeeded in getting a billboard erected.

3rd World Right to Die Day in Paris and Basel
Nov 2, 2010

Today for the third time the World Right to Die Day was held at a meeting in Paris at the Trocadero. Three countries (France, Germany and Switzerland) met there at 10.00 am. Closure took place near Basel, Switzerland on the Dreiländerbrücke, at 17.00 pm. Present were representatives of ADMD France, DGHS, EXIT Deutsche Schweiz, EX International and Dignitas. The Board of the World Federation sent out the following statement in the scope of this day:

Lecture by Lady Warnock at SOARS first Annual Meeting
Nov 2, 2010

While the Pope was talking to Parliamentarians, in Westminster Hall in London, on September 17th, 2010,  Lady Mary Warnock, the distinguished educator and moral philosopher, was giving the first Annual SOARS Lecture on “Easeful Death for the Very Elderly” at the Draycott Education Centre only five miles away.

IMPORTANT development in Australia at pre-meeting of WFRTDS Conference
Oct 8, 2010

At the end of the pre-meeting for Australian delegates on Wednesday October 6th, the formation of an Australian National RtD alliance was anounced. was presented, implying an enormous step forward in national cooperation and coordination.

NEW legal activity in South Australia
Sep 17, 2010

ABC News reports on new legal activity on the euthanasia front in South Australia. Labor MP Steph Key will now try to amend an existing law instead of adopting a what she calls a "stand-alone bill" on the issue. Last year a similar bill was narrowly defeated (11 votes to 9).

Swiss Government wants rules for assisted suicide
Sep 17, 2010

Urs Geiser of (an electronic newsletter on Swiss News) reports today:
The cabinet wants to specify the responsibilities of employees of assisted suicide organisations as part of a draft law.

ANNUAL REPORTS of Dutch Euthanasia Review Committee REVIEWED
Sep 16, 2010

In Medisch Contact 65, nr. 33-34/1612-1615 (the weekly NewsMagazine of the Royal Dutch Medical Association, KNMG) two senior policy advisors of the KNMG (Gert van Dijk and Eric van Wijlick)published the results of their review and analyis of the three most recent Annual Reports of the Euthanasia Review Committee (2007/2008/2009).

Sep 16, 2010

The WF board hopes all colleagues will have a safe trip to Australia; hopes to meet as many members as possible  and wishes the organising DWDV lots of succes with the last stretch of preparation!!

Shift in GERMAN doctor's attitude?
Sep 16, 2010

Jörg-Dietrich Hoppe, the President of the German Doctor's Organisation (Bundesärztekammer, BAK) announced in an interview with the Rheinische Post last month a surprising shift of opinion.

Let AUSTRALIANS decide for themselves
Sep 16, 2010

The decision by Commercials Advice (CAD) to ban Exit International’s pro-euthanasia television commercial has been strongly criticised by Neil Francis, President and CEO of Dying With Dignity Victoria, speaking on behalf of all state and territory dying with dignity and voluntary euthanasia societies .*


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