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First hour of debate in Canadian House of Commons
Oct 8, 2009

October 7, 2009:

Ireland to have living wills legalised soon?
Oct 1, 2009

A Law Reform Commission has recommended the Irish

Dutch documentary on assisted suicide and chronic mental health illness
Sep 30, 2009

HUMAN Media (the Dutch humanistic broadcast foundation) has recently provided an English subtitled version of the Dutch documentary called "Mag ik dood?" ("Please let me die"), dealing with the problem of the lack of help for people with a chronic mental illness who wish to die. Documentary maker Eveline van Dijck takes you along in her search for answers, after the suicide of her sister Cathma.

Une bonne mort: un défit au Droit et à l'Ethique médicale
Sep 28, 2009

September 28, 2009: Pour des lecteurs francophones, voici une traduction francaise de la conférence de Dr Rodney Syme, conférencier-invité principal à la Faculté de Droit de l'Université de

Crown Prosecution Service UK publishes guidelines
Sep 25, 2009

As anounced earlier - see newsitem this website from September  21 - the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Keir Starmer QC, has published the long awaited guidelines on the prosecution of cases of assisting suicide yesterday. They must be considered to act as  an interim policy. He called for public participation in a 12-week consultation period, focussing on the questions he identified in this policy, open till December 16 this year. A finalised policy will then be issued in Spring 2010.

Three Australian legal decisions in August 2009
Sep 23, 2009

September 23, 2009: Rodney Syme (DWD Victoria, Australia) analysed three recent (August 2009) legal decisions in Australia that are of more widespread interest.

You can download his analysis by clicking here

His conclusions after the analysis were:

USA Symposium on End-of-life advocacy
Sep 21, 2009

On 13 and 14 October, 2009,  Compassion & Choices is proud to present the Symposium Dignity & Choices in the National Press Club in Washington, DC.  The symposium will deal with End-of-Life Advocacy.

UK developments expected this week
Sep 21, 2009

September 21, 2009: After the backing this year by the Law Lords of Debbie Purdy, calling for a policy statement on whether people assisting someone with his or her suicide should be prosecu

Euthanasia on Motor Neurone Disease patients in NL surveyed
Sep 17, 2009

A Dutch survey into the practice of decisions at the end of life of patients with MND (Amyotrofic Lateral Sclerosis - ALS) by Dr Maud Maessen of the Utrecht University Medical Centre (UUMC),    took the edge of the argument by many non-dutch doctors, that the percentage of euthanasia in this group was unacceptable high: one out of five ALS patients dies through euthanasia, while the general percentage of euthanasia in the Netherlands is not more than 1,8%.

Belgium Euthanasia Law surveyed
Sep 10, 2009

The New England Journal of Medicine today (NEJM 361;11, September 10,2009) published a letter to the Editor in which a follow-up study on medical end-of-life practices in 2007, conducted at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The survey concluded that the enactment of the Belgian euthanasia law was followed by an increase in all types of end-of-life practices, with the exception of the use of lethal drugs without the patient's explicit request. Otherwise no shift was observed in the  characteristics of the different groups. The only concern is the substantial increase in the freqency of deep sedation.


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