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WMA stand on euthanasia remains unchanged
Aug 21, 1970

The WMA maintains the condemnation of euthanasia and physisian assisted suicide.

European Union Grants NGO Status to World Fed
Aug 21, 1970

Taken from the World Right-to-Die Newsletter issue no. 46, Januray 2005.

By Michael Irwin

Contact information about the World Federation appears now on a list of “NGOs with Expertise in Fundamental Rights”, ­produced by the European Union (an organization of 25 ­countries, headquartered in Brussels).

Others on this list of exactly 100 organizations include Amnesty International, the European Humanist Federation, Friends of the Earth, Human Rights Watch, and Greenpeace.

Japanese doctor sparks euthanasia debate
Aug 21, 1970

From: The World Today, Shane McLeod

The 50-year-old doctor headed up the surgical department at the local hospital at Imizu, north-west of Tokyo. Between 2000 and 2005 he helped at least seven terminally ill cancer patients to end their lives by switching off or removing their respirators.

The provisions of a 1995 court ruling outlined the circumstances in which Japanese doctors can help their patients to die. But in this case, those provisions may not have been met.

Plea for assisted dying
Aug 21, 1970

Prior to the national elections held in June, 100 prominent citizens of Luxembourg issued a petition to

Invitation to NVVE Symposium in Amsterdam
Aug 21, 1970

The Symposium will take place on Friday March 28, 2008 in AmsterdamIn 2008 NVVE, the Dutch Right to Die Organisation, celebrates its 35th anniversary.

Cases Attracting Media Attention
Aug 21, 1970

Judgement is still awaited in the Dordogne case, which has already led to the creation of two support associations – one for the nurse, the other for the doctor involved. The doctor tried to take all the responsibility since she prescribed the action concerned.

Lord Joffe’s Bill on Assisted dying for the terminally ill
Aug 21, 1970

The House of Lords Report on the Bill for “assisted dying for the terminally ill” is to be debated in the full House in mid-October. In the light of points made in the debate Lord Joffe intends to prepare a redrafted Bill for presentation to the House in the hope that it will be approved and then debated in the House of Commons later in the Session. The VES will again be devoting their resources to helping Lord Joffe in his work.

Source: Newsletter RtD-Europe, September 2005.

French parliament passes law granting 'right to die'
Aug 21, 1970

The French parliament adopted early Wednesday, April 13th, a law that would grant terminally ill patients the "right to die" by allowing them to put a stop to medical treatment, but did not legalize mercy killing.

Supreme Court
Aug 21, 1970

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the challenge to the Oregon law from the Bush administration in the Fall session with a decision expected in Spring 2006. The challenge came originally from Attorney General Ashcroft in 2001; three separate courts ruled against him. Gonzales vs Oregon is based on the narrow issue that the prescribing of federally controlled substances to deliberately cause death is not a legitimate use for these drugs. The issue directly affects the current right of the states to control medical practice.

Dutch law on Termination of life on request and assisted suicide (complete text)
Aug 21, 1970

The complete text of the Dutch law on euthanasia as entered into force on April 1st, 2002.


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