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International Congress on the "Levenseindekliniek" in the Netherlands
Jul 16, 2012

   On the 1rst of November 2012 the Dutch Levenseindekliniek organises in The Hague an international Congress as an evaluation of the Levenseindekliniek, which started on March 1 this year, see the related newsitem on this site. Guests speakers will come from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.

"How to Die in Oregon" nominated for Emmy Award
Jul 14, 2012

Death with Dignity National Centre, USA reports the news that ".... Peter Richardson's groundbreaking documentary, How to Die in Oregon has been nominated for an Emmy Award for best documentary!". Further comments to be found on their blogg Living with dying.

Justice Minister announces appeal of the decision of Justice Smith in BC, Canada
Jul 14, 2012

After the news of Supreme Court Justice Lynn Smith in the BC Carter Case (see Stunning Victory on this site),  Justice Minister, Hon Rob Nicholson announced the appeal of the decision. A press release from the Department of Justice giving arguments for this appeal can be found here.

Survey on end-of-life practices in the Netherlands in The Lancet: no evidence of slippery slope
Jul 12, 2012

Dutch researchers on the end-of-life practices in the Netherlands published the results of their 5th Survey in The Lancet this week.  Main conclusion can be that the practice of euthanasia stabilised, and that the feared slippery slope could not be  established. The article describing trends in these practices is based on a repeated cross-sectional survey of a stratified sample from the death registry of Statistics Netherlands.

South Australian VES publishes its July 2012 Newsletter
Jul 9, 2012

South Australian VES publishes its July 2012 Newsletter The VE Bulletin.  It can be read here.


New courtchallenges for Final Exit Network in Minnesota
Jul 9, 2012

Robert Rivas, FEN’s attorney, reported: 

Three volunteer Exit Guides appeared before a judge to face an indictment on serious felony charges levelled merely because they showed compassion for a member of Final Exit Network.

Press for Colombian Euthanasia activist
Jul 9, 2012

Dr. Gustavo Alfonso Quintana R., a right-to-die proponent and delegate from DMD-Colombia at the 2008 Paris World Federation of Right to Die Societies Congress, has been the subject of a sympathetic story about euthanasia in Colombia in the June 30, 2012 issue of El Tiempo, the largest newspaper in Bogota, where he practices.

Firm new step forwards in debate on Assisted Dying Law in UK
Jul 9, 2012

On July 3, 2012 - in a joint venture -  Dignity in Dying UK and the Choice at the End of Life All Party Parliamentary Group launched the Consulttaion of a new Draft Assisted Dying Bill. This draft builds on recommendations published by The Commission on Assisted Dying (also known as Lord Falconer's Commission, after its chairman) in January this year. The consultation ends on November 20, 2012.

Continuation of debate on the right to die in USA
Jul 2, 2012

The Star Tribune (June 30, 2012) reports on a new court case to begin against (four) members of the Final Exit Network (FEN) in Dakota County, Minnesota. Three of the four (one is too ill to attend) FEN members will turn themselves in to make their first court appearance on charges "to have been interfering with a death scene and assisting in a suicide".

Japan Society JSDD publishes its Newsletter no 145
Jul 1, 2012

JSDD, Japan's Right to Die Society published its 145th Newsletter. Two issues are decribed:


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