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Greg Barns: Howard has another attack on our rights
Aug 21, 1970

The Advertiser, 09 jan 2006

WHILE many are alarmed by the incursions of freedoms and liberties being made by the Howard Government's anti-terror laws, last Friday heralded the beginning of another attack on the freedoms and rights of Australians.

Report from Swiss National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics
Aug 21, 1970

In July this year the Swiss Commission on bioethics issued a report on assisted suicide with a number of recommendations.

Assembly committee endorses physician-assisted suicide bill
Aug 21, 1970

A legislative committee endorsed making California the second state in the nation where doctors could prescribe medication to hasten the deaths of terminally ill adults.

Newsletter RtD-Europe October 2006
Aug 21, 1970

The latest developments on assisted dying in Europe.

Oregon law
Aug 21, 1970

Data from the Oregon Health Department from 2004 indicate that another 35 people used the law bringing the total to 207 in 7 years, out of 210,000 deaths in the same period; 1/8 of 1% of all Oregonians actually died under the Death with Dignity Act.

Recently one man who apparently ingested 9g of Seconal woke up after three days. Though incidents like that have been reported in the Netherlands, no incident of unsuccessful use of the medication had previously been reported from Oregon.

2006 Toronto Conference
Aug 21, 1970
Glacial Investigation Keeps Death On Ice
Aug 21, 1970

Nearly 3 years after the death of Steve Guest , a journalist and former media adviser to the Cain Government in Victoria, the coroner still has not handed down a finding.

Lesley Martin released from prison
Aug 21, 1970

Voluntary euthanasia campaigner Lesley Martin walked to freedom from Arohata Women's Prison after 7-1/2 months in jail for the attempted murder of her terminally ill mother, Joy Martin.

German survey reveals confidence in doctors
Aug 21, 1970

Taken from the World Right-to-Die Newsletter issue no. 46, Januray 2005.

According to a survey conducted by DGHS, 84% of the population would not lose confidence in their doctor if s/he helped an incurably ill person to end their life; only 20% thought they would lose confidence in a doctor who provided active and direct assistance in the case of an incurably ill patient.

Toronto Welcomes the World
Aug 21, 1970

Challenge in Choice
World Federation of Right to Die Societies
16th Biennial Conference

Toronto, Ontario


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