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DWD Canada newsletter The VOICE december 2010 published
Dec 4, 2010

DWD Canada's newsletter The VOICE, edition December 2010, can be read by clicking here.

Scottish End of Life Assistance Bill failed in Parliament
Dec 2, 2010

The Bill to legalize assisted dying in Scotland failed yesterday. The Bill was lost in a 16-85 free vote. Ms Margo MacDonald reacts fiercely in the Shropshire Star, and promises - if re-elected -  to come back again with a new proposal.

South Australian Bill temporarily at a standstill
Dec 2, 2010

The Key/Parnell Bill was defeated after a long and sometimes emotional debate in South Australia's Upper House. But it is still alive and will return next year.

Independent Commission to inquire the issue of assisted dying in the UK
Dec 2, 2010

The chair of The Commission on Assisted Dying, Lord Falconer, promised at the launch of the Commission on November 30, that the inquiry of his commission will be objective and dispassionate.

Margo MacDonald (Scotland) reacts to stage 1 report (see November 18)
Nov 29, 2010

Margo MacDonald - the Scottish independent MP who brought the ELABill up for debate -  fiercely reacts to the negative recommendation by the special committee on her Bill (click here). The stage 1 debate in the Parliament is postponed till Thursday December 2.

GERMANY waits for potential far-reaching decision by European Court of Human Rights
Nov 24, 2010

A German widower has sued Germany in the European Court of Human Rights to overturn a ban on active assisted suicide. He asked the Court to decide whether the German law, banning 'active' assisted suicide, infringes on article 8 of the German Constitution.

Scotlands Committee on the End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill brings out Stage 1 Report
Nov 18, 2010

Today the Parliamentary Committee on The End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill of Margo MacDonald MSP brings out its Stage 1 Report on the Bill.

Interesting judicial developments in Switzerland?
Nov 17, 2010

A penal court in Switzerland is placed for a dilemma. It has to make a decision on a matter which up till now the Government and  Parliament have  been running away from: "how active are medical end-of-life actions and how are these juridically valued?"

Publication of Death with Dignity National Centre Newsletter
Nov 17, 2010

Portland based Death with Dignity National Centre (DDNC) has published its November 2010 Newsletter  The Dignity Report.

DWDV Newsletter UPDATE, spring 2010 edition published
Nov 9, 2010

UPDATE (edition Spring 2010), DWD Victoria's newsletter, is available now. It can be downloaded by clicking here.


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