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New book on Dutch experience with physician assisted death
Oct 17, 2012

Stuart J. Youngner (Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA) and Gerrit K. Kimsma (University of Amsterdam, NL) are the authors of Physician-Assisted Death in Perspective, a comprehensive report and analysis of the Dutch euthanasia experience over the last three decades.

Good news from Massachusetts on the Death with Dignity front
Oct 17, 2012

On November 6, 2012 - jointly with the USA presidential elections - voters in Massachusetts will have the opportunity to speak up and make Massachusetts the third USA state with an assisted dying  law, through voting YES in favour of the Death with Dignity Initiative. Recently a poll conducted by Suffolk University and 7News showed that 64 % will say YES (27% NO). The wording in the poll was the same as what will appear on the November ballot form. 

In memoriam Gloria Taylor
Oct 17, 2012

Gloria Taylor of Westbank, BC, Canada died on October 4, 2012.  Diagnosed in 2009 with ALS—a fatal degenerative disease, Gloria died suddenly and unexpectedly in Kelowna General Hospital, due to an infection.  Gloria will be remembered for her courageous participation in a landmark constitutional court case for the right to die with the assistance of a doctor.  She won a special right to receive court authorization for either physician assisted suicide or euthanasia.

EXIT Suisse Romande Newsletter September 2012 published
Oct 17, 2012

EXIT Suisse Romande published its September 2012 Newsletter no 57

FATE publishes its Newsletter no 45
Oct 17, 2012

FATE has published its Newsletter no 45

Newsletter from Lifecircle September 2012
Oct 17, 2012

Lifecircle published its September 2012 Newsletter

Portugal legalises advance directives
Oct 17, 2012

A bill concerning Advance Directives (Living will)  proposed 6 years ago by the Portuguese Association for Bioethics, was approved by the Portuguese parliament on July 16, 2012 as Lei n.º 25/2012 de 16 de julho.

Newsletter 147 Japan Society for Dying with Dignity published
Oct 17, 2012

Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter nr 147.

Hemlock Florida published its Newsletter Beacon
Oct 17, 2012

Hemlock Florida published its Newsletter Beacon October 2012

5th World Right to Die Day in France
Oct 9, 2012

As is usual since 2008 when the celebration of such a Day was originated by Jean-Luc Roméro in Paris, he, together with the 32 delegates of ADMD Paris launched the invitation for a meeting at the Trocadéro / Parvis des Droits de l’Homme , 2 Nov, 6pm, in memory of those who died unfortunately not according to their wishes


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