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RESEARCH: Australian scientist to look at the role of technology
Feb 18, 2010

The Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society accepted for publication in 2010 the article "Techniques to pass on: technology and euthanasia"  by Australian professor of Social Sciences Brian Martin.  Martin examined  a number of possible future paths three) for the development of euthanasia, focussing on the Australian State versus EXIT International situation. 

Report Belgian Federal Euthanasia Review Committee 2006-2007 and numbers 2008 and 2009
Feb 18, 2010

In accordance with the Belgian Euthanasia Law a 16 person Federal Euthanasia Review Committee assesses every case of Termination of life on request (that is reported!), and reports every two years to the Belgian Parliament. Recently the numbers of reported cases in 2008 and 2009 were already published, in advance of the official report expected this year.

USA: with Montana now three States providing legal aid-in-dying
Feb 18, 2010

Because of a ruling by the Montana Supreme Court in January 2010  -  following the 2008 verdict of Montana District Court  Judge Dorothy McCarter  -   saying that "nothing in state law prevents patients from seeking physician-assisted suicide", now three States (Oregon, Washington and Montana) provide its residents with legal aid-in-dying

RESEARCH: BMJ publishes Dutch article on unbearable suffering in the context of euthanasia
Feb 16, 2010

Dutch researchers, headed by Roeline Pasman,  from the VUmc Amsterdam, have looked into the concept of unbearable suffering in the context of ungranted requests for euthanasia. The objective was to obtain in-depth information about the views of both doctors and patients on suffering in ungranted or not performed euthanasia requests.

Dutch documentaries about end-of-life in cases of Alzheimer's, Mental disease and Completed Life
Feb 16, 2010

Within the scope of Dutch RtD Society NVVE's  strategy to broaden the situations in which assistance in dying should be made legally possible, a number of activities have been undertaken: documentaries on Dementia and euthanasia, on psychiatric illness and euthanasia and on "completed life" have been produced and broadcasted on national television. A special week was organised beginning this month to promote a discussion on the completed life issue. For more information

Scottish Parliament installed cross-party committee to investigate legalising assisted suicide
Feb 16, 2010

On January 21 MSP Margo McDonald finally tabled her long expected Bill to allow doctors to end the life of terminally-ill patients. This bill - signed by 21 MSP's from all four Scottish parties - is now cleared to be formally adopted for investigation by the health and sports committee, leading to a first vote by the Scottish Parliament this autumn. A special Committee is to investigate the issue thoroughly. 

Changes in America's public opinion on legalizing Euthanasia?
Feb 15, 2010

According to a recent Angus Reid poll the proportion of supporters for legal euthanasia (now 42%) has dropped by three points, while the proportion of opponents (now 36%) has increased by 4 points, since august 2009.

Park bench stickers launched as PR for giving dignity to "bad deaths
Feb 15, 2010

Toronto's edition of reported in December 2009 (for the article click here) on an original campaign for dignified dying: park bench stickers, to commemorate the "bad deaths" of a number of people, at the same time inviting readers to visit their website

Summary RELEVANT 2010 - 1
Feb 15, 2010

The English summary of RELEVANT 2010-1, the quarterly NVVE, Dutch RtD magazine, has been published and can be read as PDF by clicking here.

RESEARCH: BMJ publication on end-of-life care in Belgium
Feb 15, 2010

A research team of the VUB (Brussels Free University), headed by professor Lieve de Bock, explored the relation between the care provided in the final three months of life and the prevalence and types of end of life decisions in Belgium. It concerned a two year nationwide retrospective study.


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