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WFRtDS Newsletter issue 50, winter 2006 published
Dec 1, 2006
WFRtDS Newsletter issue 49, May 2006 published
May 1, 2006
WFRtDS Newsletter issue 47, June 2005 published
Jun 1, 2005
WFRtDS Newsletter issue 46, January 2005 published
Jan 1, 2005
WFRtDS Newsletter issue 45, April 2004 published
Apr 1, 2004
WFRtDS Newsletter issue 44, December 2003 published
Dec 1, 2003
Opponents of euthanasia don’t give up
Sep 30, 2003

First one should note that a challenge to the Belgian euthanasia law, sent by the groups Pro Vita and Jurivie to the European Court of Human Rights, still awaits a response.

The Vatican recently issued the French version of a “lexicon of ambiguous and controversial terms concerning the family, life and ethical questions”. The chapter devoted to euthanasia is supposed to contain the following:

Aug 21, 2003

In October/November 2003 DGHS ­carried out surveys on living wills and attitudes to doctors who carry out assisted dying. It seems that 53% of German citizens know about living wills, over 70% in the case of those over 60. 84% said they would not lose confidence in their doctor if s/he helped an incurably ill person to end their life; only 20% thought they would lose confidence in a doctor who provided active and direct assistance in the case of an incurably ill patient.

WFRtDS Newsletter issue 42, November 2002 published
Nov 1, 2002
WFRtDS Newsletter issue 41, June 2002 published
Jun 1, 2002


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