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Argentina votes for a "dignified death" law
Jun 1, 2012

The Argentinan Senate passed with a massive majority (no votes against, 17 absentees and 55 in favor!) a law giving terminally ill patients or if suffering from irreversible and incurable illness or injury, and their families the right and power to make their own decisions  at the end of life, implying the right to end life support when terminally ill or in permannet vegetative state.

Farewell Foundation Implements Procedures for Attending Self-Chosen Death
Jun 1, 2012

In April the Farewell Foundation published Procedures for Attending a Self-Chosen Death.  The procedures guide our practices to support members who determine the time and manner of their deaths.  The decision to end one’s life should be made carefully, without undue influence, and when one has the capacity to make such a decision. 

Italian Opinion Poll (2011) on euthanasia and living wills
May 10, 2012

EURISPES (a private non-profit think tank, started in 1982) organised an opinion poll in 2011 on euthanasia and living wils (advance directives).  The results of this poll are interesting enough (for example the pro-euthanasia rose by more than 6% since 2004 to 67%!) to be read.

Read the results here in this (translated) summary.

Hollande President of France: a firm step towards legalising assisted dying?
May 7, 2012

France choose Francois Hollande as their President yesterday.  Hollande used in his campaign a statement implying his intention to legalise assisted dying.

FATE publishes Newsletter edition 44, May 2012
May 6, 2012

FATE from Scotland, published this month its May 2012 (issue 44) Newsletter.  It can be read here in PDF.

Georgia (USA) now legally prohibits Assistance in a suicide
May 2, 2012

On May 1, 2012 Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 1114 into law. The Bill was enacted hurriedly after the Supreme Court of Georgia struck down Georgia's former statute on assistance in suicide as an unconstitutional infringement of the free speech rights under the First Amendment.

BeNeLux Parliament's resolutions on euthanasia and advance directives
Apr 30, 2012

The Advisory Interparliamentary Committee of the BeNeLux (the BeNeLux Parliament) organised a conference on "End of Life" in Brussels last year December, with the participation of experts and MP's of the three countries.

In line with the results of that meeting the BeNeLux Parliament unanimously carried a resolution at their session in March in THe Hague, advising the three constituting countries to make arrangements in which

Administrative Court in Berlin lifts ban on assisted suicide
Apr 30, 2012

UPI reported this month that “….an administrative court in Berlin has given German doctors the power to use their own judgment in cases involving terminally ill patients who want to die”.

Vaud Canton in Switzerland to vote on new step in Right to Die laws
Apr 30, 2012

Following the initiative of 3 October 2009 launched by EXIT ADMD Suisse romande,  a vote will be held in the Canton of Vaud on 17 June 2012, hoping to change existing Swiss law in such a way that assistance for suicide will also be allowed in Socio-medical Establishments (so called SME's), as it is in private homes.

VES Queensland publishes its April 2012 Newsletter
Apr 30, 2012

This month VES Queensland published its April Newsletter (vol 26, no 2).


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