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Is Georgia (USA) 4th state with legalised assisted suicide?
Nov 23, 2011

From the USA we received the news that Georgia's attorney general (AG) Samuel S Olens advised that his state’s law against “assisting a suicide” does not cover aid in dying. His brief filed in a case pending before the Georgia Supreme Court (against four members of Final Exit Network) represents that the statute does not reach private acts between patients and their physicians.

Results Dutch studies into wishes of older people to die
Nov 23, 2011

A group of well known Dutch researchers, headed by Mette L Rurup from VUmc Amsterdam, has recently published the results of their Qualitative Interview Study "Understanding why older people develop a wish to die". In a second article they reported on a Quantitative Study of prevalence and associated factors of "Wishes to die in older people".

Private Bill to remove Federal veto power over Territory Laws passed
Nov 18, 2011

Senator Bob Brown, leader of the Australian Greens, saw his Private Members Bill to remove federal ministerial veto power over Territory laws pass the Australian House of Representatives. This veto-power was the reason Northern Territory's  Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1995 was withdrawn after half a year, resulting in the current legal situation in Australia.

4th World Right to Die Day in Paris
Nov 18, 2011

On November 2, for the 4th time the World Right to Die Day was celebrated. In a couple of European countries meetings took place. The Paris (France)  meeting organised by ADMD France took place as former meetings on the Parvis de Droits de l'homme at the Trocadéro, the place where the first Right to Die Day - an initiative of ADMD France's president Jean-Luc Roméro - took place. On this occasion ADMD France launched a large publicity campaign in favor of legalisation of euthanasia, leading up to the French elections in March 2012, with broad national media appearances.

DUTCH annual report 2010 Euthanasia Review Commissions published in 4 languages
Nov 18, 2011

The Dutch Euthanasia Review Commissions have published their 2010 annual report.  Copy in Dutch can be downloaded here

An English translation is published recently; so is a French (en Francais) and a German (Deutsch) one.

Final Exit Network USA published its Newsletter 10-5, November 2011
Nov 1, 2011

Final Exit Network USA published its Newsletter 10-5, Novemer 2011

Dying with Dignity Canada publishes its new eBulletin
Oct 8, 2011

Dying with Dignity (DWD) Canada publishes its fall 2011 eBulletin

Morphine kills the pain, not the patient
Oct 8, 2011

Although published more than 4 years ago in The Lancet and Cancer/Oncolgy (april 2007), the article by Nigel Sykes still counts as a strong appeal in favor of the just and rightfull use of morphine as one of the world's best painkiller.

Euthanasia Bill rejected in Bulgarian Parliament
Oct 7, 2011

As was expected, the Euthanasia Bill proposed by left-wing MP Lyuben Kornezov was rejected in the Bulgarian Parliament.

Pressure on doctors to perform euthanasia should not become too great
Oct 7, 2011

Dr. Donald van Tol, University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) researcher on end-of-life issue,  published an article in reaction to KNMG's (Dutch Royal Medical Association) new guidelines, published in their latest position paper.Van Tol contributes in this way to the restarted debate on the medical domain, within which euthanasia may be performed by doctors.


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