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Hemlock San Diego publishes its January 2013 Newsletter
Jan 16, 2013
Paralyzed Marie Fleming loses Irish Right to Die courtcase
Jan 11, 2013

Reuters reports on Thursday January 10, 2013: Marie Fleming, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is completely paralyzed, lost her right to die case — the first of its kind in Ireland — on Thursday. The judge acknowledged Fleming's life had been 'rendered miserable' by disease, but said he could not bend the law on the behalf of one person.

Academic paper on Right to Die movement and activism in UK
Jan 9, 2013

Sociologist Naomi Richards of Edinburgh has authored a new academic paper the right-to-die movement in the U.K.. The article - titled The Fight to Die: Older People and Death Activism - is published in the International Journal of Aging and Later Life

Newsletter Lifecircle January 2013 published
Jan 9, 2013

In January 2013 Erika Preisig of Lifecircle Switzerland published Lifecircle's Newsletter, in Englishen Francais and in Deutsch.

South Australian MP drafts a revised euthanasia bill
Jan 9, 2013

The Sydney Telegraph (January 8, 2013) reports: Independent MP Bob Such has drafted a revised voluntary euthanasia bill after his previous attempt was voted down in State Parliament mid-last year.

The Ending Life With Dignity Bill 2013 would establish a board of about eight government-appointed members,

Family of Tony Nicklinson (UK) continue the fight for a Right to Die
Jan 4, 2013

The family of Tony Nicklinson  who lost a legal battle in August last year (2012)  for the right-to-die has won permission from the Court of Appeal to continue his campaign and appeal against the High Court ruling.

He was paralysed by a stroke in 2005 and suffered from locked-in syndrome.

Dutch Euthanasia Law Evaluation shows further improvement of carefulness
Jan 3, 2013

ZonMW, an internationally renowned Health-care and -innovation research Institute, performed a second Evaluation on the implementation and practice of the Dutch Euthanasia Law (2002). In December the long awaited report was presented. The overall conclusion of the second evaluation of the Act Termination of life on Request and Assisted Suicide is that the Act has succeeded in improving the carefulness of physicians who terminate the life of a patient upon his request and in providing a transparent and consistent legal framework for this practice.

Developments expected in 2013
Jan 3, 2013

The DWD Canada blog published a very useful summary of (international) developments to be expected in 2013. Thank you, DWD Canada.

ADMD Québecoise's President reports
Dec 25, 2012

President Helene Bolduc of ADMD Quebecoise sends everyone all the best for 2013, with a word referring to the many positive issues of 2012.

French commission opens door to legalizing assisted suicide
Dec 25, 2012

A commission, chaired by former head of France’s National Ethics Committee prof. Didier Sicard - following the election pledge of Francois Hollande to “open possibilities for medical assistance at the end of life of unbearably ill patients” - has published the results of its research into the issue of end of life care (la fin de vie) in lengthy report. The main conclusion is that assisted suicide


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