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Choosing to Die by Pratchett wins Emmy Award
Nov 21, 2012

Author Terry Pratchett's investigation into assisted suicide and a satirical look at technology have won an International Emmy award in the documentary category. Pratchett's Choosing To Die, followed the author, who after his Alzheimer's diagnosis, travelled to Swiss clinic Dignitas for a first-hand look at assisted suicide methods.

90 Minutes American Documentary on PBS Television
Nov 13, 2012

FRONTLINE, an 'American public television’s flagship public affairs series' on PBS is airing a 90 minutes documentary "The Suicide Plan" on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012 (check your PBS TV listings) or watch later online at This groundbreaking 90-minute film explores the underground world of assisted suicide

Massachusetts ballot on assisted dying narrowly defeated
Nov 8, 2012

A divisive ballot initiative that would allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with medication prescribed by physicians was narrowly defeated. The Death with Dignity Campaign conceded this morning, as unofficial results tallied by the Associated Press showed that, with 95 percent of precincts reporting, 51 percent of voters had opposed the measure, compared with 49 percent in favor. Reports from The Globe of Boston and Death with Dignity National Center of Portland say:

South Australian VES Bulletin November 2012 published
Nov 6, 2012

South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society SAVES published the November 2012 edition of their Bulletin.

Recommended article in New York Review of Books on assisted dying in USA
Nov 6, 2012

Tomorrow, November 6, 2012, the people of Massachusetts have the chance to vote for a change in the law, deciding whether a physician may provide a dying patient with medication to bring about a faster, easier death if the patient chooses.

Dying with Dignity Victoria (Au) publishes Newsletter Update nr 160
Nov 6, 2012

Dying with Dignity Victoria DWDV published its Newsletter (Update issue 160, November 2012).

Newsbulletin October 2012 of Swedish RtD Society RTVD published
Nov 6, 2012

for Swedish readers: RTVD, the Swedish Right to Die Society, published its Bulletinen nr 71, Oktober 2012.  The Bulletinen holds articles on:

Dutch LIfe End Clinic SLK reports on first half year of experiences
Nov 6, 2012

The Dutch Life End Clinic ("Stichting Levenseinde Kliniek", further to be called SLK) at a conference in The Hague (see International Congress on the "Levenseindekliniek" in the Netherlands) revealed the experiences of the first half year of their existence.

November 2, World Right to Die Day, celebrated in 4 countries this year
Nov 4, 2012

The World Right to Die Day (November 2), organised since Paris WF Congress in 2008, this year 2012 celebrated in 4 countries:

Translated summaries of Dutch 2011 Euthanasia Review report available now
Nov 4, 2012

Following the publication in Dutch of the 2011 Euthanasia Report (see news item on this site here) summaries have been available in three languages: EnglishFrench (Francais) and     German (Deutsch).


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