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SCOTTISH Parliament starts taking evidence on Bill
Sep 16, 2010

BBC News reports that a special Holyrood Committee of the Scottish Parliament started taking evidence on the Margo MacDonald's End of Life Assistance Bill this month.

Witnesses in the first session came from The Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK and Oregon.

BOOKREVIEW: The Maintenance of Life from Frances Norwood
Sep 16, 2010

The Maintenance of Life is about what has developed in one present-day society to address social death and modern dying. It is based on a 15-month qualitative study of home death in the Netherlands with general practitioners, end-of-life patients and their family members.

GHENT (Belgium) UNIVERSITY to organise an international symposium on palliatiev sedation
Sep 16, 2010

The Bio-ethics Institute of Ghent University organizes an international symposium on "Continuous Sedation at the end of life: Ethical Perspectives" on March 11-12, 2011 in the Marriott Hotel, Ghent, Belgium.

ANNUAL REPORTS of Dutch Euthanasia Review Committee REVIEWED
Sep 16, 2010

In Medisch Contact 65, nr. 33-34/1612-1615 (the weekly NewsMagazine of the Royal Dutch Medical Association, KNMG) two senior policy advisors of the KNMG (Gert van Dijk and Eric van Wijlick)published the results of their review and analyis of the three most recent Annual Reports of the Euthanasia Review Committee (2007/2008/2009).

Sep 16, 2010

The WF board hopes all colleagues will have a safe trip to Australia; hopes to meet as many members as possible  and wishes the organising DWDV lots of succes with the last stretch of preparation!!

Usefull argumentation when in debate with opponents
Sep 15, 2010

How many times do we have to argue "against" an opponent that intentionally (?) misuses definitions, data and such? On Jacqueline Jencquel's blog, she wrote an excellent "contra"-argument.

HEMLOCK Florida unveils new website
Aug 23, 2010

The Hemlock Society of Florida this month announced its new website which features a comprehensive, one-stop resource for free, downloadable forms that allow Floridians to specify their own end-of-life choices. The forms are Florida-specific and include an advance directive, a do not resuscitate order, a designation of health care surrogate form and instructions for completing the forms and where to keep them on file.

RELEVANT - NVVE's quarterly 3rd edition published
Aug 23, 2010

The English summary of the third issue of 2010 RELEVANT can be downloaded in PDF  here.

Once more a RtD Campaigner not prosecuted in UK
Aug 23, 2010

Once more, the new DPP Guidelines were used to acquit a RtD campaigner. Libby Wilson, of FATE Scotland, was suspected of aiding a MS-sufferer, and because of that (police found her telephone number written down somewhere in the "victim's" possessions) arrested and later released on bail.

QUALITY of DEATH: an index
Aug 20, 2010

In July the Economist published the results of a lengthy first-ever global study into the Quality of Dying in 40 countries. This study was commissioned by the Singaporese Lien Foundation and performed by the Econimist Intelligence Unit (EIU). It presents an Index that ranks countries according to their provision of end-of-life care. Read further to see some conclusions and comments.


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