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UK sets historic step towards assisted dying law
Apr 1, 2012

This week, March 27, 2012 the UK Parliament held an historic debate, in which MPs gave unanimous backing to Director of Public Prosecutions' policy on assisted suicide.

DiD reports that "...this - for the first time ever -  brings recognition that Parliament does not want a blanket approach to prosecution in cases of assisted suicide. MPs now accept that, in certain circumstances, people who compassionately assist a loved one to die at their request should not be punished."

Dying with Dignity Canada Newsbulletin March 2012
Mar 27, 2012

Dying with Dignity published this week its March electronic Newsbulletin. Headlines are about Quebec's developments.

The Newsletter can be read by clicking here.

Quebec one step forward into legalising medical help to die
Mar 27, 2012

This month a Quebec Parliamentary Select Commission on assisted dying in dignity, published its report, the result of a year long period of receiving written submissions from all over the world and many province wide public hearings.

The report can be downloaded here in French  (an English analysis is available as well).

2011 Oregon Death with Dignity Act report
Mar 26, 2012

The Oregon Department of Human Services monitors and enforces compliance with the Oregon Death with Dignity Law and produces an annual report each spring.

Current stages of ‘right-to-die’ or opposing now in front of American legislatures.
Mar 13, 2012

Next to the existing laws Oregon and Washington, and Montana, the Right to Die is now being debated in a number of other USA States. Death with Dignity National Center provides the reader with an update on their blog. Worth reading!

Peter Goodwin - the doctor who helped pass the Oregon Law died
Mar 13, 2012

Derek Humphry on his blog: "If there is anybody in the right-to-die movement who made a radical difference it was Dr. Peter Goodwin, who brought his life to an end on 11 March 2012 in the presence of his family, using the law he helped to pass. Aged 83, he suffered from an incurable brain illness".

picture: Michael Lloyd; The Oregonian

Locked-in sufferer wins the right to have his right to die plea heard in court
Mar 13, 2012

Tony Nicklinson, a 57 year old man with "locked-in" syndrome, after a severe stroke seven years ago, has acquired a positive ruling by Mr Justice Charles, to have his case heard by the courts. He was left paralysed below the neck after a stroke seven years ago and can now communicate only by blinking or through limited head movement.

American doctor comments on automatic withdrawal of artificial nutrition and hydration
Mar 13, 2012

In the leading Journal Bioethics an American doctor argues that artificial nutrition and hydration should be withdrawn from all patients in a permanent vegetative state – unless there is clear evidence that they want to be kept alive.

Farewell Foundation's March 2012 Newsletter published
Mar 13, 2012

A PDF-format of Farewell Foundation's  March 2012 Newsletter can be found here. The printed version will soon be released and sent to members.

ADMD France launches confronting posters in French Presidential Campaign
Mar 11, 2012

ADMD France has launched a new public poster campaign in favour of euthanasia legalisation in the scope of the forthcoming Presidential elections. ADMD F appeals with these posters to those candidates that have declared themselves to be even against the current Leonetti law.


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