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Dying with Dignity Victoria publishes its Newsletter UPDATE 1-2013
Feb 27, 2013

Dying with Dignity Victoria DWDV published its Newsletter Update issue 161, February 2013.

New right to die in dignity Society in South Africa developing
Feb 26, 2013

A new Right to Die in Digtnity Society in South Africa - DignitySA - just announced the opening of membership options. The Society is founded by Sean Davison, the professor who was found guilty of assisting his mother to die in New Zealand. See the news item on our website here.

The announcement was made in their Blog and website


Dates of WF Conference in 2014 now set
Feb 26, 2013

Hosting Society FEN announced today the definite dates of the forthcoming WF Conference in Chicago in 2014. See the announcement on top of the home pageof this site.

Movements in the USA in the field of choices and dying with dignity.
Feb 21, 2013

Following Oregon and Washington, a growing number of States in the USA have (re)started their endeavours to create the legal right for a free choice at the end of life and dignity in dying. These States are:

Famous Right to Die debater Professor Dworkin died at age of 81
Feb 18, 2013

ERGO reports: Professor Ronald Dworkin, who has died aged 81, was, at various times, Professor of Jurisprudence at Oxford, Sommer Professor of Law and Philosophy at New York University and Jeremy Bentham Professor of Jurisprudence at University College London; he was widely regarded as one of the most influential philosophers of law of the post-war era.  Dworkin’s books include Life’s Dominion (1990), dealing with the ‘right to Life’ debate. This book is sub-titled "An Argument about Abortion, Euthanasia, and individual Freedom"

Membership of WFRtDS grows to 48 in 26 countries
Feb 13, 2013

Since beginning this year 2013, two societies have been granted interim membership by the WFRtDS Board, in expectancy of the definite decision by delegates in 2014 at the WF Biennial in Chicago.

These Societies are the Awakening Research Foundation Hong Kong Limited and the  Verein StHD from Germany.  Welcome!

French doctor struck off regional medical register for euthanasia
Feb 13, 2013

Dr Bonnemaison, a 52 year old French emergency doctor from Bayonne, was struck off the regional register by the  Aquitane Disciplinary Chamber of the “Ordre des Médecins”.  He is also still under judicial scrutiny since August 2011 for “intoxicating 7 particularly vulnerable, elderly patients at the end of their life, by injecting substances that might have hastened their dying”.  This indictment could result in a lifetime imprisonment. A petition to support this brave doctor can be signed here.

Verein StHD now in Swiss office
Feb 13, 2013


New WF member Verein StHD (as is the case for the German Dignitas section) possibly falls under a German penal law under discussion,  according to which certain forms of suicide assistance will be punishable with imprisonment of up to three years. Roger Kusch’s Verein StHD has opened a branch in Zürich, in addition to the first office in Hamburg. Up to now this Zurich agency should serve only to look after the South German members of Sterbehilfe Germany.

No Good Deed - book on How We Die
Feb 11, 2013

Lewis M. Cohen, an American psychiatrist and specialist in palliative medicine and end-of-life issues from Massachusetts USA, uses the experiences of two skilled nurses providing professional terminal pain treatment, to explore what happens when decisions about end-of-life care shift from the hospital to the courtroom.

Italian Eurispes produces promising figures on public opinion in the end-of-life debate in Italy
Feb 9, 2013


Eurispes, an Italian Institute of Political, Economic and Social studies, a private entity, operates since 1982. One of the issues reviewed every year is the public opinion on ethical issues around the end-of-life.

In its 25th edition it reports promising figures, showing growth of adherence to euthanasia


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