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European Division of WFRtDS

Interested in more news on the Right to Die? ERGO circulates on a regular basis an electronic newslist with news from around the world.

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DWD Victoria publishes its September magazine Update
Sep 3, 2014

DWD V's 'winter 2014' Update newsletter, is available now on the DWDV website and can be seen here.

Solution to decreasing rise of euthanasia?
Aug 31, 2014

A group of Swiss and UK scientist have written a letter to the editor of The Lancet (Vol 384, issue 9938, page 127; 12 July 2014), suggesting a "solution" to decrease the rate of "euthanasia".

In a review they found that data from countries that allow both practices show that euthanasia occurs more frequently:

Canadian Doctors' shift in attitude towards assited dying
Aug 20, 2014

End-of-life care is a hot topic of discussion today at the annual conference of the Canadian Medical Association. The session ended with CMA members voting overwhelmingly in favour of an advisory resolution that supports the right of all physicians, within the bonds of existing legislation, to follow their conscience when deciding whether to provide so-called “medical aid in dying.”

Article on the development of Quebec Law
Aug 20, 2014

Richard MacDonald has written a well readable article relating on the several years of diligent work being done by various entities in that Canadian province towards the new law.  Read it here.

Interested in pro and con arguments?
Aug 20, 2014

If you are interested in arguments pro and con, especially oriented on the USA situation, a visit to the website can be recommended. Find the special pages on assisted dying here. 

Final Exit Network celebrates 10th anniversary
Aug 13, 2014

The Final Exit Network will be ten years old, having been founded in Chicago on August 14, 2004, by ten persons, eight of whom are still with us. It came into being as a result of the closure of the Hemlock Society USA (1980-2003).

RELEVANT, NVVE's magazine nr 3, 2014 published
Aug 3, 2014

NVVE, the Dutch RtD Society, published the 3rd issue of 2014 of RELEVANT, their quarterly magazine.

An English summary can be read here.

The Dutch version (pictures!) can be downloaded here.

Dutch RtD Society NVVE reaches milestone
Aug 3, 2014

This week NVVE 's  CEO Petra de Jong welcomed 27 year old Ramon as member number 150.000.


WFRtDS Newsletter published in new format from now
Aug 2, 2014

The WFRtDS Newsletter, which was printed until now,  will be published in electronic form in the future. The latest version (July 2014) can be downloaded here.

WF Chicago Conference Program
Aug 2, 2014

You want to see what you are going to attend or miss? See the interesting and challenging program here.


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