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Irish pioneer Mary Fleming dies
Dec 23, 2013

Ireland lost a brave and dedicated pioneer for the right to have aid in dying. In The Independent she was described as follows:

Irish MP vowes to propose assisted suicide legislation in Ireland in 2014
Dec 23, 2013

Waterford TD John Halligan, who has campaigned on Ms Fleming's behalf, said politicians will be forced to "look inside their souls" in relation to how the State deals with terminally ill patients. Mr Halligan insisted that he will propose assisted suicide legislation in a bid to address a "great injustice" faced by Ms Fleming.  "Every TD in the Dail, including the Taoiseach, will have to look

Peers in UK House of Lords (again) disagreed over assisted dying right
Dec 23, 2013

In a debate on patient choice at the end of life on 12 December 2013, peers have disagreed over whether terminally ill patients should be given the right to assisted dying. Labour peer Lord Dubs said "people should have the right to choose to be free from intolerable pain and discomfort – providing it is their free choice.  Assisted dying with safeguards is one of the many legitimate choices that dying patients should have," he asserted.
But Conservative peer Lord McColl of Dulwich

UK Panel of senior judges to prepare a ruling on Right to Die
Dec 23, 2013

The Telegraph in London (John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor) reported on 8 December 2013, that a full panel of nine Supreme Court Justices, headed by Lord Neuberger, the court’s President, is to be convened next week to hear the culmination of three separate legal challenges to the current ban on assisted suicide. The three cases have been put into one ‘super-case’ to allow a sweeping judgment on the current state of the law in England and Wales.

New-Mexico (USA) starts legal battle on the right to die
Dec 23, 2013

While working in Oregon, surgical oncologist Katharine Morris helped two terminally ill patients die on their own terms. Morris says she felt she was doing it to end suffering and to give her patients a sense of control. So now, while working in New Mexico, she's suing to get patients the option in New Mexico as well.
Four states - Oregon, Vermont, Washington and Montana  - 

WFRtDS Newsletter Issue no 65, December 2013
Dec 21, 2013

WF's Newsletter, December 2013 edition is published today. Click here to read it.

Lilach's reports in Newsletter on non-compliance with advanced directive
Dec 2, 2013

Lilach's Newsletter, recently published (unfortunately in Hebrew only - see their website), the lead article from Eliahu Matza, President of Lilach and retired Justice, was translated in English: Intensive Care for Prolonging Pain reports the problems hospitals and intensive care unit doctors sometimes still have with compliance with the Law for the Terminally Ill Patient, which clearly states

Belgian Senate proposes to quit age limits in euthanasia law
Nov 29, 2013

The Belgian Senate Commission on Justice and Social Affairs has decided to quit the age limit (now 18 year) in the 2002 Belgian Euthanasia Law. A large majority of the commission thinks the right to request euthanasia should also be given to "competent minors", who suffer

New figures from survey on Americans' attitudes about end-of-life
Nov 29, 2013

Death with Dignity National Center reports on the release of data from a survey  on Americans' attitudes about end-of-life care and options. The report (Pew) can be found here. It compares the results with these of 1995 and 2005. The blog of DWDNC

Falconers' Bill on assisted dying reading in House of Lords to be expected in 2014
Nov 29, 2013

The original idea for a House of Lords reading of  Lord Falconers' Bill in October this year, got moved to (possibly)  June 2014 due to Parliamentary timetables. Actual month and date are not yet known. 


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