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European Division of WFRtDS

Interested in more news on the Right to Die? ERGO circulates on a regular basis an electronic newslist with news from around the world.

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Australia's New South Wales Society publishes news on their blog
Nov 20, 2013

Australia's New South Wales Society publishes news on their Blog. The link can be found here.

NVVE publishes 4th quarterly Relevant 2013
Nov 18, 2013

The last number of the 2013 edition of Relevant is published now. The Dutch version can be seen here - English summary can be downloaded here.

Lecturer in Law suggests tribunal style system for assisted dying law in UK
Nov 18, 2013

Claudia Carr, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Hertfordshire suggests the introduction of a new tribunal style system will provide the opportunity for each case to be assessed on its merits, and giving each patient the dignity to die when they choose. She said:

Final Exit Newsletter, fall 2013
Nov 11, 2013

Final Exit published its fall 2-013 (November) Newsletter in a new format and with new colours!  Go and  see it here. Did you note their new address?

Swedish Right to Die RTVD publishes its October 2013 magazine
Nov 6, 2013

Swedish RTVD publishes its October 2013 magazine RTVD Bulletinen no 74. (Swedish language only) . The editor summarizes the content as follows:  the main article is a story concerning a suicide of an elderly lady, who was not terminally ill, but had a number of various ailments, a body weakened by age and lived a very lonely life. The story tells of the impact this suicide made upon relatives and

South Australian Parliament again to discuss Right to Die Bill
Nov 6, 2013

This month November the South Australian Parliament will - again -  have the opportunity to discuss a new Private Member's Bill (Hon. Bob Such) Ending Life with Dignity (No2) Bill 2013 Bill. It is a last chance before elections next year. SAVES continues to emphasize the importance of the passing of this Bill - see their Media Release.

Arguments against 'slippery slope'
Nov 5, 2013

In DWD Victoria's News Letter Rodney Syme published an article 'attacking' opponents who use greedy relatives as the built-in danger of (any)  euthanasia law. It is a well-written and argumented article (to be downloaded here), ready for use by any who has to counter such attacks. Worth reading!

Hemlock San Diego publishes its Newsletter of November 2013
Nov 5, 2013

Hemlock San Diego publishes its Newsletter volume 7 no 6, November 2013.

Japan Society JSDD publishes Newsletter 151
Nov 5, 2013

Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter no 151  (English excerpts)

Dignity South Africa new member of WFRtDS
Nov 5, 2013

Dignity South Africa has been granted interim membership of WFRtDS. It is the second South African Society, started by prof. Sean Davison, who helped his mother die in New Zealand and was  convicted for that - see our earlier item on this site.


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