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European Division of WFRtDS

Interested in more news on the Right to Die? ERGO circulates on a regular basis an electronic newslist with news from around the world.

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Canadian Court of Appeal disappoints
Oct 20, 2013

Farewell Foundation reports on the  2-1 decision of the BC Court of Appeal that has overturned the ruling of the honourable Madam Justice L. Smith and determined that the criminal prohibition against assisted suicide complies with the Constitution of Canada.

Paris again celebrates World Right to Die Day
Oct 4, 2013

ADMD France - initiator of this WRtDD in 2008 - organises again on Samedi 2 novembre 2013 : 6ème Journée mondiale pour le droit de mourir dans la dignité.  Nous célébrerons la 6ème Journée mondiale pour le droit de mourir dans la dignité le samedi 2 novembre 2013. Cette année, notre rassemblement aura lieu sur la place de la République à Paris, à 18 heures. Vous êtes les bienvenus.

Margo MacDonald to introduce her (2nd) Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill beginning of November
Oct 4, 2013

Margo MacDonald, Scottish MSP, wil soon introduce her Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill to the Scottish Parliament. The new Bill will first be sent for scrutiny to a special committee of the Parliament in the first week of November. This Committee will - as is usual - call for evidence. This second Bill has been adapted to better suit the critical notes that has been delivered at the first one.  

Tasmania Australia to have another debate on legalising Assisted Dying
Oct 4, 2013

Tasmanian Premier, Lara Giddings MP and her deputy, Nick McKim MP jointly tabled the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2013. The bill will not begin to be debated until after Parliament resumes in October. Stay informed by visiting our WF Website regularly.

SOARS Annual Lecture given by Rob Jonquière
Oct 4, 2013

As every year in Autumnn, Soars presented on September 20, 2013 their Annual SOARS Lecture in London. Rob Jonquière talked about Dying Assistance for the Elderly in The Netherlands,an historical and ideological analysis. A summary can be found here.

New Zealands Bill on Assisted Dying temporarily withdrawn
Oct 4, 2013

Maryan Street withdrew her Assisted Dying Bill, which was in the ballot awaiting Parliamentary debate. This withdrawal will not lead to acquittance.

Belgium publishes 2012 numbers
Oct 4, 2013

The 2012 report from the Belgian Euthanasia Evaluation Commission shows a 20% rise in reported numbers of euthanasia from 1133 (2011) to 1433 (2012). Remarkable is the fact that the rise in the french speaking part was slightly bigger than that in the flemish part. French speaking reports went from 215 (2011) to 276 (2012), a rise of 22%. In Flanders the rise was 20%  (918 in 2011 to 1156 in 2012). There was no written report, just the graphic presentation: 

First ever Canadian Rally on World Right to Die Day
Oct 4, 2013

Choices in Dying Canada is organising the first ever Canadian Rally for the WRtDD, from 2 - 3 pm on the BC Legislative Grounds in Victoria BCSee information.

German celebration of World Right to Die Day
Oct 4, 2013

DGHS, the German RtD Society is organising a meeting in the scope of WRtDD: Internationaler Tag des Rechts auf ein würdiges Sterben. Wir treffen uns, um mit weißen Rosen unserer Forderung nach Gewissensfreiheit bei der Freitodbegleitung Ausdruck zu verleihen. In Berlin-Mitte: Friedrichstraße Weidendammbrücke (Westseite,mit Blick zum Reichstag) um 12.00 U

Groundbreaking theoretical physicist Stephen Hawkings changed stance on assisted dying
Oct 1, 2013


Professor Stephen Hawking (71) changed his stance on assisted dying in a recent BBC interview. In 2006 he said that, although people should have the right to end their life if they wanted to, … "I think it would be a great mistake. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there's life, there is hope."


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