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DJ's assisted suicide stirs up Italian euthanasia debate

Monday, March 6, 2017

Last week, the debate on assisted dying in Italy got worldwide attention. Fabiano Antoniani, famous as DJ Fabo, decided he no longer wanted to live with his unbearable suffering. The debate has been especially passionate in the country where the Roman Catholic Church is of great influence. The Church sees it as the morally unacceptable killing of a person - a violation of the law of God and is therefore deeply opposed to euthanasia.


Fabiano Antoniani got paralysed after a major road accident. After he repeatedly tried to persuade the Italian Government to adapt a law which would make it possible for him to die with dignity, he found himself forced to leave the country to get assistance to die in Switzerland. Marco Cappato, a former politician and right-to-die activist, helped him realise his last travel to Switzerland. He was indicted himself after returning to Italy. He could now face criminal charge, since assisted suicide is illegal in Italy. The act of offering assistance with suicide can lead to a maximum of 12-year imprisonment.


Antoniani had appealed to President Sergio Mattarella for the right to die and, shortly before his death, had criticised Italy for failing to pass laws on end-of-life issues. The law upholds a patient's right to refuse care and the potential contradiction has resulted in several  high-profile cases which have divided Italians. A bill to clarify assisted suicide law has been postponed in Italy three times and will now again be debated by the Chamber of Deputies on the 13th of March.


The WFRtDS posted  a statement on the website denouncing the indictment of Luca Coscione’s Marco Cappato.

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