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La Commission fédérale de Contrôle et d’Evaluation de l’euthanasie vient de livrer son sixième rapport.
Oct 16, 2015

Le Soir: Depuis l’entrée en vigueur de la loi dépénalisant l’euthanasie, l’augmentation du nombre de morts douces, selon l’étymologie du terme, est constante. Elle se serait cependant encore accentuée « nettement » depuis 2011, comme le pointe le rapport. La pratique entre chaque jour davantage dans les mentalités : «  L’augmentation importante du nombre d’euthanasies par rapport à celui du rapport précédent s’explique vraisemblablement par la diffusion progressive de l’information relative aux décisions en fin de vie auprès du public et des médecins  », explique la commission.

En 2013 1807 cas ont été signalés, 1454 de Flandre et 353 de Wallonie.

Belgian Federal Evaluation Commission on Euthanasia produces 6th report
Oct 16, 2015

Le Soir:  Since the implementation of the law decriminalizing euthanasia, the increase in the number of deaths with dignity, according to the etymology of the term, is constant. The concept of Euthanasia is more and more accepted in every day’s attitudes: "… the significant increase in the number of euthanasia cases compared with the previous report can likely be explained by the gradual dissemination of information relating to decisions at the end of life to the public and doctors" says the Commission.
In 2013 1807 cases have been reported, 1454 from Flanders and from Wallonia 353.

2014 Annual Dutch Review Committee report published
Oct 7, 2015

The Dutch Review Committee published today  its 2014 Annual Report. The total number of reported cases increased to 5306 (in 2013 this was 4829), a rise of 10% (was 15% in 2013). In the schemes presented below one can see that the increase occurred in all categories, and more or less in the same proportion. Only special mention must be made that reports on euthanasia applied to patients with beginning dementia (2014: 81; 2013 97) and psychiatry (2014: 41; 2013 42) did NOT increase. 

Only 4 cases (< 0,1%) were

Victory for Death with Dignity in California
Oct 6, 2015

After months of crafting, dealing, lobbying and waiting, finally Governor Jerry Brown signed the End of Life Option Act (SB 128, AB 2X-15) into law, just a couple of weeks after the State Assembly and the Senate approved the bill in special sessions by a 42 to 33 vote. This makes California the fifth state to allow physicians to prescribe life-ending medication to some patients.The enormity of this victory cannot be understated.

DMD Colombia publishes its Newsletter no 59, 2015
Oct 2, 2015

DMD Colombia publishes its Newsletter no 59, 2015 (in Spanish). Read it here.

DMD Colombia publica su boletín no 59, 2015
Oct 2, 2015

Peggy Battin's "The Ethics of Suicide" (book) published
Oct 2, 2015

This month Peggy Battin presented her book "The Ethics on Suicide" as part of an "unprecedented example of library-author-publisher collaboration. The collaboration was formed by Peggy Battin, the University of Utah's J. Willard Marriot Library with Alyson Mower and David Cotty (Oxford University Press). The book is part of a Blog Platform from the University Library.

The book itself may be obtained from Amazon.

E-book on making an End of Life Plan available
Oct 2, 2015

Martin Goldsworthy published the story about his planning all around the end of his life in an E-book, originating from Blog posts and discussions with his wife and children.
Short synopsis: Achieving a perfect end to our life is something we should think about, and before it is too late. Many people do not get close to achieving this ideal. This book presents the factors to be considered when you think about your own, inevitable death. The book’s objective is to help interested readers make their own

Final Exit Network published their Newsletter August 2015
Oct 1, 2015

Final Exit Network published their Newsletter August 2015. Read it here.

One in ten New Zealand doctors admit assisting deaths
Oct 1, 2015

An Auckland University research, published in today's New Zealand Medical Journal, asked doctors about the last death they'd attended. Research suggests that GPs are hastening death of terminally ill patients.
Of 650 GPs who responded, 65 per cent reported they'd withdrawn treatment from a patient or alleviated pain in the probability it may hasten death; 16 per cent said they had actively withheld treatments so as not to prolong life and four per cent (16 doctors) reported prescribing a drug with the explicit purpose of hastening death.