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European Division of WFRtDS

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Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter nr 159
Nov 9, 2015
Right to Die campaigner under strict supervision by Australian Medical Board
Nov 9, 2015

Philip Nitschke, renowned for his willingness to assist people to a humane death who want to end their life for medical or other reasons, has accepted 26 conditions on his ability to practice in a mediated settlement that concludes long-standing legal and tribunal proceedings.
Marshall Perron, who introduced Australia's first voluntary euthanasia law,  has described Medical Board of Australia conditions of registration imposed on Nitschke as like something out

RELEVANT, NVVE's magazine nr 43, 2015 published
Nov 9, 2015

RELEVANT, NVVE's magazine nr 4, 2015 published. Read the English summary here. The Dutch RELEVANT can be seen/read here.

South Australian VES published its July 2015 Bulletin
Nov 9, 2015

South Australian VES published its July 2015 Bulletin, read it here.

DWDVictoria's Newsletter Update Spring (October) 2015 published
Oct 18, 2015

DWDVictoria's Newsletter Update Spring edition  (October) 2015 published. Read it by clicking here.

Change in leadership in Hemlock Florida Inc.
Oct 18, 2015

The Hemlock Society of Florida and the Hemlock Foundation of Florida have new leadership. Dawn Pollock of Tallahassee is the new Chief Executive Officer and Julia Hanway, also of Tallahassee, is the new President of the Board of Directors. The new Board consists of Jim Chastain of Sarasota; Frank Kavanaugh of Punta Gorda; and Dr. Howard Kessler of Panacea. Once the new Hemlock Florida becomes active, others will be added to the Board.

Dutch School curriculum on Euthanasia
Oct 16, 2015

NVVE, Dutch RtD Society, has developed a school curriculum program called ‘Euthanasia – "dead normal"’, a project to bolster public support and acceptance of euthanasia. The curriculum, launched in September, aims to provide high school students with “accessible information” about euthanasia, helping them to “have respect” for those who chose to end their lives.
There are videos offering ‘different’ (though all supportive) perspectives on

The Last Hotel – An Irish Opera on End-of-life
Oct 16, 2015

From The Irish Independent, by Sophie Gorman: An opera about assisted suicide sounds like anything but fun, but when have the festive joys of the carvery buffet been celebrated in opera? Both meet quite magnificently when the devilishly dark and brilliant mind of Enda Walsh gets together with musical maestro Donnacha Dennehy. 'The Last Hotel' speaks to us about living, about breathing, about being. Powerful

La Commission fédérale de Contrôle et d’Evaluation de l’euthanasie vient de livrer son sixième rapport.
Oct 16, 2015

Le Soir: Depuis l’entrée en vigueur de la loi dépénalisant l’euthanasie, l’augmentation du nombre de morts douces, selon l’étymologie du terme, est constante. Elle se serait cependant encore accentuée « nettement » depuis 2011, comme le pointe le rapport. La pratique entre chaque jour davantage dans les mentalités : «  L’augmentation importante du nombre d’euthanasies par rapport à celui du rapport précédent s’explique vraisemblablement par la diffusion progressive de l’information relative aux décisions en fin de vie auprès du public et des médecins  », explique la commission.

En 2013 1807 cas ont été signalés, 1454 de Flandre et 353 de Wallonie.

Belgian Federal Evaluation Commission on Euthanasia produces 6th report
Oct 16, 2015

Le Soir:  Since the implementation of the law decriminalizing euthanasia, the increase in the number of deaths with dignity, according to the etymology of the term, is constant. The concept of Euthanasia is more and more accepted in every day’s attitudes: "… the significant increase in the number of euthanasia cases compared with the previous report can likely be explained by the gradual dissemination of information relating to decisions at the end of life to the public and doctors" says the Commission.
In 2013 1807 cases have been reported, 1454 from Flanders and from Wallonia 353.