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Crowdfund campaign for legal defence New Zealand

Susan Austen, a right-to-die campaigner from New Zealand, is facing the possibility of 14 years of imprisonment. 


She was charged because of importing Nembutal and is now facing the charge of assisted suicide. The costs for the hire of lawyers to defend her against the charges are high. Therefore, a crowdfund campaign is set up.


Please donate to help support her legal defence!


For more information and to donate, click here.

13th European Conference in Torino Italy June 9-11, 2017

EXIT Italia will host the 13th European Conference for RtD-Europe members in Air Palace Hotel in Torino from 9 to 11 June.

Information can be found on the EXIT Italia website, including the possibility to download the registration papers. 

WFRtDS Conference 2018

will be held in Cape Town South Africa from 6 to 9 September 2018.  Updates - when available - will be published on this site.

      hosted by

Canadian Association for providers of medical aid in dying (CAMAP) to lifestream their June Conference
Apr 27, 2017

CAMAP, the Canadian Association of MAID assessors and providers invites you to participate in the inaugural Conference on Medical Assistance in Dying on June 2-3, in VICTORIA, BC, Canada. The conference will be lifestreameing presentations and events, and anyone who registers may "join in". Registration on their website

First step Italian law on patient's right to refuse treatment
Apr 25, 2017

Last week, a law was adopted by the Italian Chamber of Deputies on patient right to refuse treatment and informed consent. 326 deputies voted in favour, 37 against in the first reading. The Senate still has to approve before it gets into force. 

Two crowdfunding campaigns to challenge the law in the UK
Apr 25, 2017

Two emerging cases are seeking to challenge the law in the UK, in order to have the right to die with dignity. Both are looking for funding to support their case.<--break->


March 2017 Newsletter De Einder Published
Apr 25, 2017

Dutch Society De Einder, published its Newsletter December 2016. Read it here (in Dutch only).

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La Federación Mundial

La Federación Mundial, fundada en 1980, está formada por 52 organizaciones en favor del derecho a morir, situadas en 22 países. La Federación ofrece un contacto internacional para organizaciones que trabajan para lograr o proteger los derechos de las personas a la auto-determinación en la etapa final de sus vidas.

Información para afiliación

Si usted tiene interés en informarse sobre los requisitos de afiliación o en conseguir –en calidad de Sociedad o asociación- la calidad de miembro, por favor lea  la Información para afiliación y complete la solicitud que allí encuentra.

El lenguaje oficial

El lenguaje oficial de la Federación Mundial (WFRtDS) es el inglés; por ello la información en este sitio se publica principalmente en ese idioma.

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