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SOARS renamed My Death My Decision (MDMD)
Oct 10, 2016

After extensive discussion in recent months among its members, the Society for Old Age Rational Suicide SOARS), has been renamed as My Death My Decision. MDMD has a new website In September 2015, Phil Cheatle replaced Michael Irwin as the Coordinator of SOARS - now MDMD.

Desmond Tutu (85 today) speaks out on assisted death
Oct 7, 2016

Today, on his 85th birthday, Desmond Tutu published his stance on assisted death in the Washington Post: "When my time comes, I want the option of assisted an death".

Canadian documentary ROAD TO MERCY airs on CBC (8 October 2016)
Oct 6, 2016

Toronto filmmaker Nadine Pequeneza’s documentary on assisted death, Road to Mercy, is a deep, aching, finely drawn film. It explores the issue through a series of intimate individual portraits of patients seeking assisted death, the loved ones coming to terms with their decision, and

Dying with Dignity Victoria publishes its newsletter Update no 175
Oct 5, 2016

Dying with Dignity Victoria publishes its newsletter Update no 175 (spring 2016 edition). Read it here.

Starting difficulties with new California Death witrh Dignity law: hard implementation
Sep 30, 2016

  Waiting for “the die-medicine”
Three months after California’s Death with Dignity Act took effect on June 9, there are still ”challenges getting everyone up to speed” said spokesman, Sean Crowley. The state Department of Public Health, which will track the number of Californians who

New Zealand Green Party releases (new) policy on Medically Assisted Suicide
Sep 30, 2016

The New Zealand Green Party has released their ‘Medically-Assisted Dying policy’, aka their proposals on euthanasia, in a brief description:


September Update Go Gentle Australia published and social media campaign Be the Bill launched
Sep 30, 2016

 In its September 2016 Update Go Gentle Australia also announces their initiative to launch a social media campaign Be the Bill, in support of the efforts to realise a law in South Australia, where end of the month a parliamentary debate to is scheduled.

Bulletin DMD Colombia nr 61 published
Sep 30, 2016

 DMD Colombia published its Bolletin no 61 (Spanish only). Read it here in PDF.

End-of-Life Washington publishes its (summer) Newsletter of September 2016
Sep 16, 2016

End-of-Life Washington publishes its (summer) Newsletter of September 2016. Read it here.

Andrew Denton's Podcast Better of Dead
Sep 9, 2016

Andrew Denton's Podcast Better of Dead can be listened to here. In these podcasts he investigates the stories, moral arguments and individuals woven into discussions about why good people are dying bad deaths in Australia – because there is no law to help them. The podcasts also cover stories and interviews from


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