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European Division of WFRtDS

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History of Dutch Euthanasia law in documentary
Jul 19, 2016

The documentary The Fight to Die made by Nan Rosens, pictures the history of the Dutch legalization. The film was screened at the WF Conference Amsterdam. You can download an English subtitled version here. fin de vie publishes booklet on self deliverance
Jul 19, 2016 fin de vie published the booklet "Self Deliverance", translation of a French publication. It provides well written information, such as what steps to take when wanting to decide for yourself.

New WF member from the USA
Jul 11, 2016

End of life Washington has applied for WF membership. The committee has decided to grant EOLWA interim membership. Visit for further information the member's page.

Acuerdo de los dos socios de DMD imputados con la Fiscalía
Jun 28, 2016

La Fiscalía de Avilés solicitó 6 años y 5 meses de prisión para dos socios de DMD por dos delitosde cooperación al suicidio (uno en grado de tentativa) y un delito contra la salud pública.
Para la Asociación Federal Derecho a Morir Dignamente (AFDMD) no existió tal cooperación al
suicidio. En un caso era una mujer con graves padecimientos permanentes y difíciles de
soportar a la que los acusados nunca conocieron.

Agreement reached in long-term court case in Spain
Jun 28, 2016

Two members and the President of AFDMD (the Spanish Federal Association for the Right to a Digfnified Death) have finally reached an agreement with the prosecutor in a case against them in Avilés in Asturia.  The prosecutor requesting originally  a 6 years and 5 month prison sentence suspected the three of being involved in two assisted suicide cases and offense against Public Health. After more than 4 years of juridical struggle the three - supported by

Un accord en procès à long terme en Espagne
Jun 28, 2016

Deux membres et le Président de l’AFDMD (l’Association Fédérale d’espagnol pour le Droit à une Mort en la Dignité) ont finalement conclu un accord avec le procureur dans une affaire contre eux à Avilés dans les Asturies.  Le procureur demande initialement une période de 6 ans et 5 mois de prison, soupçonne les trois d’être impliqué dans deux des cas de suicide assisté et un délit contre la santé publique. Après plus de 4 années de lutte juridique les trois

Wisdom From a Chair - Thirty years of Quadriplegia
Jun 25, 2016

Recently the memoirs of Andrew I. Batavia were published. His brother Mitchell finished on the request of Andrew the memoirs, that at the moment of his death in January 2003 were not yet completed. The reason this book is interesting for end-of-life advocacy lies in the fact that Andrew Batavia - despite of his quadriplegia -  became

Dutch Code of Practice on assisted dying published in English
Jun 23, 2016

Although the Dutch Review Committee's informed the reader in every annual report about their mode of working , in the second evaluation of the Dutch law (2012), it was recommended to publish a code of practice. The Dutch version appeared last year April (2015).  The English translation followed recently

Belgian ADMD published its Bulletin no 139
Jun 23, 2016

Belgian ADMD published its Bulletin no 139 (in French only)

ADMD Belgique a publié son Bulletin no 139
Jun 23, 2016

ADMD Belgique a publié son  Bulletin no 139