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European Division of WFRtDS

Interested in more news on the Right to Die? ERGO circulates on a regular basis an electronic newslist with news from around the world.

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Dying with Dignity NSW publishes its Summer Newsletter nr 133 (December 2015)
Dec 17, 2015

Dying with Dignity NSW publishes its summer Newsletter nr 133 (December 2015)

After a No now a provisional Yes to implantation of Quebec Law on December 10, 2015
Dec 11, 2015

The Government of Quebec has appealed to the decision of the Quebec Supreme Court of last week. The Court agreed to hear the appeal and by so doing they have effectively suspended the judgement and permitting the implementation of Bill 52 in its entirety, including the provisions for physician assisted dying (known as medical aid in dying in Quebec’s bill).

Provisional programme of Amsterdam WF Conference published
Dec 11, 2015

Have you recently visited the special Conference website? Otherwise - please do and see who is going to speak and on what issues. Don't forget the early bird registrations!

NVVE, Dutch Right to Die Society relaunches 'LastWillPill'
Dec 9, 2015

As part of their new strategy development for the next period, NVVE relaunched its campaign to have a pill made available to elderly people who wish to end their lives The idea for such a pill was first launched at the beginning of the 1990s by senior judge and euthanasia campaigner Huib Drion and became known as "Drion pil". He suggested

Implementation of Quebec Euthanasia law postponed by Supreme Court
Dec 9, 2015

A Quebec Superior Court justice has declared that a provincial law allowing medically assisted suicide in certain circumstances contradicts provisions in Canada's Criminal Code and therefore cannot take effect as planned. Justice Michel Pinsonnault ruled that key pieces of the Quebec law, which was adopted in June 2014 and set to come into force Dec. 10, conflict with existing federal criminal laws against homicide.

Final Exit Network published their Newsletter Fall / November 2015
Dec 9, 2015

The latest Final Exit Network Newsletter (November 2015) can be found here.

Initiative to organise Right to Die in Trinidad and Tobago?
Nov 9, 2015

A couple of individuals thought they needed an organization in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) so they started one. Read here a copy of the first newsletter.

Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter nr 159
Nov 9, 2015
Right to Die campaigner under strict supervision by Australian Medical Board
Nov 9, 2015

Philip Nitschke, renowned for his willingness to assist people to a humane death who want to end their life for medical or other reasons, has accepted 26 conditions on his ability to practice in a mediated settlement that concludes long-standing legal and tribunal proceedings.
Marshall Perron, who introduced Australia's first voluntary euthanasia law,  has described Medical Board of Australia conditions of registration imposed on Nitschke as like something out

RELEVANT, NVVE's magazine nr 4, 2015 published
Nov 9, 2015

RELEVANT, NVVE's magazine nr 4, 2015 published. Read the English summary here. The Dutch RELEVANT can be seen/read here.