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Factcheck: Australian's support for assisted dying
May 29, 2017

A claim was recently made on ABC’s QandA that at least 70% of Catholics and Anglicans support assisted dying.

FATE Newsletter published
May 29, 2017

FATE published a Newsletter with a wide range of topics over the years, click here to read.

Report on third evaluation of the Dutch Euthanasia law has been published
May 24, 2017

A report on The Dutch Termination of Life on Request and Assisted Suicide Act has been published. The report presents the results of the third evaluation of the efficacy and side-effects of the Act, 15 years after its enforcement.

Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter nr 165
May 22, 2017

Japan Society JSDD published its Newsletter nr 165. It's a special edition on JSDD 10 years ahead and its future role. Read the excerpt here. 

Draft bill Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill NSW Australia
May 18, 2017

Yesterday, a draft bill for medical assisted dying was published for public consultation in New South Wales, Australia. The draft bill is created over the past two years by a cross-party working group of NSW MPs.

Gallup poll reveals new high majority supporting doctor assisted suicide in USA
May 14, 2017

 Paul Bedard (The Washington Examiner, May 12, 2017) reported on the results of a recent Gallup poll showing Americans turned socially more liberal on virtually anything. 

WF Support for New Zealand RtD Activist Suzy Austen
May 14, 2017

WFRtDS raises its voice in support of New Zealander Suzy Austen who is before the Wellington District court being accused of three charges connected with assisted suicide, all of which are denied by her.

Ontario passes assisted dying Bill
May 10, 2017

This week, Ontario legislature passed assisted dying Bill 84. The Bill was voted in the third reading, with MPPs voting 48 to 39 in favour. The bill makes several changes to how medical assistance in dying is managed in the province of Ontario, Canada.

South Australian VES publishes newsletters
May 10, 2017

South Australian VES published its 42nd (click here) & 43rd (click here) newsletters.

Bookrelease 'How to Get the Death You Want'
May 10, 2017

The new book of John Abraham 'How to Get the Death You Want: A Practical and Moral Guide' is now available. It is a comprehensive manual for anybody reaching the end of life, and for their caring friends, relatives, advocates, and caretakers. The author, who is an Episcopal priest, describes in detail the formidable challenges faced by those