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European Division of WFRtDS

Interested in more news on the Right to Die? ERGO circulates on a regular basis an electronic newslist with news from around the world.

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Since the Paris WF Conference in 2008, 2 November is celebrated as World Right to Die Day. In a number of countries other than in France, this day will be held. Information will follow here soon.

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FRANCE: to be announced

ITALY: manifestations in Roma, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence and Torino; visit EXIT ITalia website

MEXICO: an event in Puebla, a very beautiful citiy two hours away from México City, regarding the right to die with dignity. ‎We will have a contest of "catrinas" (Mexican death symbols) and an "Altar de Muertos" which is an altar that us Mexican built in our houses each November 2nd

End-of-Life Washington publishes its (summer) Newsletter of September 2016
Sep 16, 2016

End-of-Life Washington publishes its (summer) Newsletter of September 2016. Read it here.

Andrew Denton's Podcast Better of Dead
Sep 9, 2016

Andrew Denton's Podcast Better of Dead can be listened to here. In these podcasts he investigates the stories, moral arguments and individuals woven into discussions about why good people are dying bad deaths in Australia – because there is no law to help them. The podcasts also cover stories and interviews from

Former WF secretary Malcolm Hurwitt died at the age of 91
Sep 9, 2016

Malcolm Hurwitt, who has died aged 91, was known for his lifelong passion for the law and for law reform connected to human rights. His main legal interests throughout these years encompassed mental health and civil liberties. From the mid-1980s he focused on the right-to-die

Dying with Dignity NSW published its Newsletter (Spring) August 2016
Sep 6, 2016

Dying with Dignity NSW published its Newsletter (Spring) August 2016. Read it here.

The World Federation

The World Federation, founded in 1980, consists of 51 right to die organizations from 22 countries. The Federation provides an international link for organizations working to secure or protect the rights of individuals to self-determination at the end of their lives.

Joining Information

If you are interested in inquiring about or even acquiring - as a Society -  membership, please read the Joining information and complete the application-form in it. 

Official languages

The official language of the WFRtDS is English, reason why information on this site is mainly published in that language. Where available or applicable, some information is also published in other languages (French, German or Spanish). 

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